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2nd Trimester Kicks off

January 24, 2013

IMG_1887Week 14 – The baby is 3.5 inches (the size of a small apple) and weighs 1.5 ounces. I am starting to show (but barely). Eric looked at me day 2 into week 14 and said “You look pregnant today!” “Are you sure? I think I just look like I gained weight over the holidays?” I responded. “No, the shape of the belly is different” he reassured me. I trust my man’s opinion. He witnessed my expanded belly stuffed on croissants, cheese and wine in France. I am also feeling much better. I still get a bit nauseous at night, but it’s nowhere as bad as it used to be, and I am optimistic that by next week the nausea will be over. Feeling more like myself again, I decided it’s time to get my exercise groove back and signed up for a membership at a nearby 24 Hour Fitness. Although I’ve managed to get by in my sweatpants and loose t-shirts most of the 1st trimester, it’s no longer the case– I am starting to rip through the seams of my exercise gear (not literally but it’s super uncomfortable and some body parts are spilling over). As a runner you look for tight-fitting compression clothing to support you and minimize wind resistance. That rule does not hold for pregnant barely-joggers, so it’s time to go shopping. After trying on a pair of Gap Maternity yoga pants, I ordered three more. These are the most comfortable things ever! They are cut low with a folded waist band so the belly can be let out wild and free to grow as much as it needs to. Because of the low cut, they also make me look more pregnant and not like an overstuffed turkey trying to squeeze into a roasting dish two sizes too small. Hopefully my new outfit will help minimize the “you poor chubby thing” looks at the gym.

The best purchase of all was a new stretchy bra with no wires and no tags. I think they should give you a comfy bra in the first ob-gyn visit along with prenatal vitamin samples. Welcome to the pregnanthood – you won’t be needing any frilly cute things anymore (that’s how you got yourself into this in the first place!). I first tried a wireless bra from Victoria Secret that could still be referred to as lingerie. Big mistake! It was cut too low, it was too tight, and it was too padded. On my second try I headed to Macy’s. I gave a quick glance and a big sigh to the new Calvin Klein lacy collection as I headed to the racks of granny panties and big gal sizes.

IMG_1893Week 15 – The baby is 4 inches (about the size of a medium apple) and weighs 2.5 ounces. I am working that tiny baby bump now, using any opportunity to flaunt it.

I have started somewhat of a regular exercise regimen: Monday, Wednesday, Friday- Body Pump class. After more than a decade since I last took that class, I am happy to report that the format has not changed one bit and it still kicks ass.

Tuesday, Thursday – Cardio days. My options for low-impact cardio are numerous these days. I tried Zumba one day and even though I don’t have the hips for it, it was good to move around. I also tried a spinning class which felt much easier on my knees and ankle joints than running but did a number on my tushie. The bike seats are incredibly uncomfortable. I might need to invest in a gel cushion if I decide to stick with the class.

Saturday, Sunday – Eric and I try to go for a long walk at least once on weekend as long as the weather is pleasant. There’s a Subway two miles away from our house, so usually we’ll walk there and back for lunch. Their Veggie Delight is still one of my favorite lunch options. More on my pregnancy diet to come in the next post.

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  1. Erin permalink
    January 24, 2013 7:25 am

    After the 3rd or 4th spin class you won’t need that gel padded seat anymore. Believe me I was ready to give up but my instructor said it wouldn’t last as long as I kept coming to classes and sure enough she was right. I agree, they should give you a free bra at your first visit. Glad you aren’t feeling sick anymore and are exercising. You look great!! Looking forward to seeing you two in March.

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