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Turkey Lady

February 1, 2013

IMG_1907Week 16 – The baby is 5 inches long, about the size of a pear. Sleeping positions are very limited these days. I can sleep on my sides. No back, no front. Since I am a belly slipper, the nights are filled with me tossing from one side to another trying to get comfortable with no hope. The first week side-sleeping, I woke up with a strong earache as my poor ears got smooshed under the weight of my giant head. Since then, I’ve been strengthening the poor guys, so now it’s just the matter of the rest of my body getting used to the side positions. Cutting the sleeping options in half is just not enough, the recommended way is on your left side. That worked for a few weeks, but as the baby is growing he/she is bulging out more on the left. In fear of squishing the baby, I sleep on my right.

I am terrified of getting stretch marks on my belly. I like to still believe I’ll be able to flaunt my rock-hard post-baby abs in a bikini (I never had rock-hard abs to begin with, but there is hoping). So here I am every morning and night rubbing various body oils and butters on my belly. I am like a turkey getting ready to be roasted (just sprinkle some salt and pepper and I’ll be done in 2-3 hours). Why do I make so many turkey references you might wonder? Because pregnant ladies remind me of turkeys. In addition to similar shapes, we tend to suffer from mommy brains (become forgetful, disoriented, and slow-thinking due to high level of hormones in our system), so even though our heads are still attached they are mostly for show.


I have another doctor’s appointment, a regular occurrence every 4 weeks. The appointment is quick and short. They weigh me – I groan. (Why is it that the scale in the doctor’s office always shows a higher number than the one at home?) They run some urine and blood tests- Everything is normal. They take my blood pressure – All good. After a half-hour wait, the doctor pops in and we listen to the heart beat – Awww. Our next appointment will be way more exciting as we get another sonogram.

Since I am feeling much better these days, Eric and I made plans to go with a couple of friends for dinner. I got to put on makeup for the first time in three weeks and changed out of sweat pants.


On Sunday night, while watching TV, I felt the baby move for the first time. The pregnancy books describe the first move as feeling like gas or bubbles popping. For me, it felt like a rollercoaster ride, when your stomach goes up and then down. He/she was on a roll, as there were three flutter waves, one after another. I look forward to the new experiences the next week brings.

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  1. Kristin permalink
    February 3, 2013 6:38 pm

    Look for the Boppy Wedge pillow – it dd wonders for me at around that stage since I am also a belly sleeper. I think I Amazoned mine. BTW you are looking great!!

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