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Going South

February 22, 2013

For our third wedding anniversary, Eric and I decided to take a mini-trip Southward and explore our new home state. Our first stop was a small historic town, Gruene, located about halfway between Austin and San Antonio. We grabbed some lunch at Gris Mills restaurant overlooking the Guadalupe river.


Gruene is a tourist attraction hosting numerous little gift shops, including one that sells homemade Pecan candy.


You know you are in Texas when you find a real bullet (likely a .38 slug) on the side on the road. This is my first time holding a bullet. (Yes, I washed my hands afterward).


Our main destination was San Antonio where we were going to spend a night at Eilan Hotel Resort and Spa. We stopped by the Alamo, location of pivotal events in Texan history and a place that Texans hold proudly in their hearts. The battle of Alamo is actually a really sad but honorable story of defeat. After 13 day siege, the Mexican troops defeated Texan defenders sparing only the women and children.


The weather was not the best, but we still enjoyed the River Walk, watching tourist boats go by.


We stopped by the best place at the River Walk – Boudro’s. We both selected TexMex dishes and they were terrific. Eric went with chicken-fried flank steak, mashed potatoes and coleslaw. I had chicken enchiladas.


The best part was the Louisiana-style bread pudding.


For our anniversary dinner, we headed to Silo Elevated Cuisine, recommended by the hotel’s concierge. Eric chose lamb and I had scallops. Both were outstanding.  The scallops were particularly amazing. They were giant and meaty. The first batch was too salty for my pregnant taste buds, so I got a new set delivered promptly ( I even got an extra scallop for the trouble Smile)


As usual, we finished our special dinner with one of my favorite deserts – Crème Brule.  Crème Brule carries a special significance in our relationship, as early on I joked with Eric that I would marry a man who can make me a good Crème Brule. He has yet to attempt to make one from scratch, but over the years he has paid for some of the best Crème Brules out there. 🙂


Cheers to the three years of happy marriage and many more to come (as I raise my water glass).

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