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It’s a boy!

February 26, 2013

IMG_1950Week 20 – The baby is half-baked, at 7 inches long, the length of a banana. This week is full of excitement. We have another sonogram or picture day as we refer to it in our family. Our baby is sleeping at first, so the technician wakes it up by jiggling the belly. It’s amazing to watch the little one roll around, wiggle and kick while the technician is trying to get all the measurements done. All the results come back good, and the baby is healthy, measuring just a bit bigger than average – 12 ounces and 58th percentile. Knowing how big the Lawrence’s get, this is just the beginning of the growth spurt.

At the end of the appointment we find we are having a boy. I am going to have a son, and like any good Jewish mother, I intend to spoil him rotten for some lucky gal out there to deal with later on. Smile

20 week profile20 week full body

About 12 weeks into the pregnancy, I had a feeling it was a boy and just for fun I ran through the Old Wives Tales the week before the appointment.

  1. High or Low – Carrying low then it’s a boy, if high it’s a girl. Boy
  2. Heartbeat – over 140 it’s a girl, under 140 it’s a boy. Girl. Baby’s heart rate is 150 bps.
  3. Salty or Sweet – Craving sweets, it’s a girl, craving chips and salty snacks a boy. Boy
  4. Chinese Baby chart – Uses mother’s age and month of conception. Inconclusive. I tried two different ones and the answer was different each time.
  5. Drano – add Drano to your pee. Green – girl, Blue – boy. N/A. I did not have any Drano on hand. Frankly, this one seems like a marketing stunt.
  6. Even or Odd – Uses mother’s age and year of conception. If both even or odd, girl, if one even or another is odd, boy. Girl. (Based on this, all 30 year old mothers would be having girls in 2012.)
  7. Key – if you pick up a key by the round part, it’s a boy, if by the pointy end then a girl. Boy (I always pick up keys by the round part to avoid getting scratched by the pointy end.)
  8. Breakouts – more prominent with girls. Girl. I am sporting random pimples each morning.
  9. Pendant – hang a necklace with a pendant over the belly. If it swings in circle, it’s a boy. If it’s from side to side, it’s a girl. Inconclusive– I also read one that says it’s the other way around. Just for the record, mine swung in a circle.
  10. Morning sickness – light sickness indicates boy. Inconclusive because I have heard the other way around as well.

The two tells I had that were specific to my pregnancy compared to my friend who is expecting a girl are:

  • Dreams – I dreamt the sonogram showed it was a boy weeks before the scheduled appointment. My friend dreamt she had a girl and both came true. Old wives tales actually says the opposite. If you dream it’s a boy you are having a girl and vice versa. Myth Busted!
  • Protein vs. Carb Cravings – I am craving steak, a lot. Even during the morning sickness of the first trimester, Outback was one of our favorite spots to hit. My friend on the other hand was disliking meat, and preferring pastas and pizzas.

So at the end of the day, the conclusion I draw is that old wives tales are bogus (no surprise here), and the best way to tell the sex of the baby is science – a sonogram. But you should not dismiss your maternal instinct, so if you are feeling, dreaming, craving like it’s a boy or girl then you are probably right.

[Jane Asks]: What did your mommy sense tell you about your baby’s gender?

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  1. February 26, 2013 12:40 pm

    Congratulations! So excited for you both!! 🙂

  2. Barbara Adams permalink
    February 27, 2013 7:37 am

    Congratulations..I’m so happy for a PROUD mom of 5 sons it’s the BEST. Get ready for non-stop action and excitement and lots of FUN!! 🙂

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