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Surprise Baby Shower

March 13, 2013

IMG_1972Week 21 – The baby is 10 inches long, the length of a carrot. I made an important decision this week to switch doctors. When it came to choosing my ob-gyn, I had very simple criteria. I wanted the ob-gyn office to be near or at the hospital (in case anything goes wrong, all the medical staff is right there). I figured I’d be more comfortable with a female (who has gone through pregnancy / childbirth firsthand hence can sympathize and share practical advice). I was looking for experience and good training.

I did not realize, until I was sobbing at the receptionist’s office weeks later, that my criteria was missing a key component – someone whose style and personality clicks with mine. There was nothing fundamentally wrong with my original doctor, as long as you don’t mind waiting for over an hour to see her for a five minute brief and impersonal chat, but during the hospital tour I met a jolly bearded man with a bright sparkle in his eyes, and I knew right away it was time for a hard break up conversation. It was an easy transition as my new doctor is part of the same office, and during my first appointment I felt right at ease – he listens, explains, addresses my concerns, jokes (at appropriate moments), and makes me feel relaxed and excited.

IMG_1979Week 22 – The baby weighs just over a pound and measures 11 inches long, about a size of a spaghetti squash. Eric and I head to visit his family in Maryland. There are two major celebrations – grandma’s birthday and the birth of our second niece. On Sunday afternoon we head over to grandma’s house for lunch, which turns into a completely unexpected surprise baby shower organized by Eric’s mom. Apparently the entire family was on it, including my husband, who had done an impeccable job keeping it a secret and actually packing an extra duffle bag in our luggage. This being a surprise, I was not really dressed for the part, but luckily Eric’s mom had me covered with a New Mom tiara and ribbon.



Eric’s mom had outdone herself with decorations, baby games, prizes and goody bags. She even remembered that years ago I had mentioned Winnie the Pooh as my favorite baby theme.




There was a wide spread of pregnancy-friendly foods – chicken salad stuffed pitas, deviled eggs, hummus, cheese and fruit platters.


And of course a decorated Winnie the Pooh carrot cake.


After a couple of rounds of Baby Shower Bingo and word scrambles, the boys showed up right in time to open presents.


Eric and I shared the cake cutting duties just like at our wedding.


Thank you to the Lawrence family for such a wonderful and sweet surprise!

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  1. Kristin permalink
    March 14, 2013 1:42 pm

    Switching Doctors midway through my pregnancy with Max was the best choice I ever made. I’m sorry you had to go through that & wish you the best of experiences with your new Dr. Can you believe you are already at the downside of the 40 weeks?!

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