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Baby Registry

March 20, 2013

IMG_1991Week 23 – The baby is 11 inches long and weighs over a pound, about a size of a papaya. The baby starts kicking and punching this week. The movements are soft and light but they are consistent. Eric gets to feel the first kicks while we are snuggling on the couch. It’s an amazing bonding experience for the three of us as we share “Oooh!”, “Here he goes again,” “That was a big one” with big smiles on our faces.

My congestion is worse than usual. Partly due to allergies and increased pollen in the air, and partly due to pregnancy hormones and higher mucus production. My breathing is loud and wheezy. The other day during dinner, Eric’s ears perked up.

Me “Honey, what are you listening to?”

Eric “Shh… Do you hear it? There is a strange sound.”

I stop chewing and listen attentively. “ I don’t hear anything” I say.

Oh, that’s your breathing.” He sighs with relief. “Just wanted to make sure there is no big fat guy stuck in the hallway closet.” A week later and he is still in the dog house for that one!

babytopFor first-time parents, getting a baby registry ready can be a tricky and an overwhelming task, especially considering how oversaturated the baby market is these days. The first time I went into the Babies’R’Us or Buy Buy Baby, a two story gigantic building filled with items you have absolutely no clue about, I almost had a panic attack unsure where to start. To this day I’ve been avoiding these stores as I am afraid to fall victim to genius marketing and buy yet another cute toy or outfit that the baby doesn’t really need. The baby does not care about the theme of his/her bedding (although I did get adorable circus themed bedding, on sale from Pottery Barn), or what’s written/displayed on its onesie. All those cute baby items are targeting parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends thrilled about the new addition and easily captivated by the excitement of the moment. Luckily for us, for every baby product out there, there is also a book, a website, an experienced friend who can help guide your item selection. I turned to most “trusted” resource – the Internet. In matter of seconds I was able to find a well organized Baby Checklist containing the quantities and names of all the necessary items. Next stop, With hundreds of reviews available for each item, it makes brand selection much easier. A few days of vigorous research, and our baby registry is complete.


I am sure there will be more items we’ll need once the  baby arrives, but I feel this list of essentials is a good starting point to hopefully avoid a late night trip to the store. At the same time, it’s small enough to keep our home clear of unnecessary items that might have looked cute at the time but remain unused in the years to come.

[Jane Asks]: What are the most valuable/useful baby items that you came across as a parent?

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  1. Kristin permalink
    March 20, 2013 4:08 pm

    Hands down the thing I have used the most with Max is the Aden & Anais swaddling blankets. We kept him swaddled (arms out swaddler he was) until almost 6 months & I still use them in the stroller, the car seat. I find that they are great because they allow breathability – the minky blankets are super soft – but they don’t breathe so all that baby heat & sweat gets trapped up against them. Also a good ergonomic baby carrier – either Ergo or Becco. I use mine still several times a week.

    • March 20, 2013 4:49 pm

      I have Aden & Anais swaddle wraps on my registry too. 🙂 They got awesome reviews on amazon but it’s always nice to hear first hand how good they are.

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