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Pass the Matzah

March 29, 2013

IMG_2001Week 24: The baby is growing steadily. Having gained about 4 ounces since last week, he’s now roughly the size of a cantaloupe. My belly is starting to protrude beyond my chest. Hello Belly Button! My old friend. You’ve gone dark on me for almost twenty years. It’s nice to be reminded that you are not a bottomless hole and I can finally give you a proper cleaning. I bet you never expected to go through all this stretching and I sure hope that the internal pressure won’t cause you to split open.

To compensate for the extra weight at the front, my lower spine curves more, forcing my behind to stick out for balance. As a result, my regular walk is starting to resemble a duck waddle. Unused to the big belly in front of me, I tend to bump often against doors, drawers and cabinets. Over the years I have learned to avoid food spills on my chest, but my tactic no longer applies, as now all the stains end up on my belly. Some routine tasks are becoming more challenging. The kitchen sink hits me right below the navel, so I have to stand on my tippy toes or bend forward to reach the dishes which stresses my lower back. Luckily my husband remains eager to step in for dish-washing duties. Getting up from lying requires either a side roll and push up, an elbow scoot to sitting position, or an assisted lift. I am still able to tie/buckle my own shoes, but I don’t see that lasting for much longer considering how out of breath and pink-faced I end up.

We tour and waitlist at a nearby daycare facility. The stories you hear about how hard it is to get into good daycare are totally true. There is already a baby on the waiting list for August 2015. Some parents even waitlist before the baby is conceived. Since you have to pay to be on the waitlist, the facility generally does not mind those type of optimists.

We had a small Seder to celebrate Passover.


Over the years I have perfected my slow-cooked brisket, but this year I used Baked Bree’s recipe with slight ingredient modifications.


I start off by seasoning and searing the meat, so it’s lightly browned on both sides.


After placing it in a roasting dish, I pour the sauce– made with ketchup, grape juice (no wine in the house), chili powder, garlic, salt, pepper. The dish is topped off with sliced onions and a bit of oregano.

After 4 hours of baking at 300, the entire house smells divine.


The brisket is juicy, tender and a bit sweet which goes great with dairy kugel (who said that Passover dishes need to be kosher Winking smile)


[Jane Asks]: What spring holiday do you celebrate?


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