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The Heat Is On

May 3, 2013


Week 29 – The baby is just over 15 inches, weighing 2 1/2 pounds like a butternut squash. There is less room for him to swing his legs and arms so the kicks and punches are replaced with full body movements. I can get him to move on demand by putting my hand on my belly and squeezing it a bit.

On Thursday, a Canadian cold front comes through and the temperature drops to the 60s. To meet a friend for lunch, I wear a long-sleeved T and jeans, a totally reasonable outfit considering the weather… I almost start stripping in the car on the way home. The pregnancy heat waves are in full swing this week. I sleep under only a sheet, and even then I wake up sweaty every morning. It makes sense that I am hot as an oven these days since I am baking a human. Smile

For Chrismukkah, our friends got us an Austin Eats Downtown Food Tour from cloud9living. Since sampling various foods was the last thing on my mind during the first trimester, we postponed redeeming the tickets until this weekend. First stop was Taco Deli (or Crack Deli as Eric calls it) at the Farmer’s Market.  It was a beautiful low-80s day with many locals and tourists enjoying the market scene while I was scavenging for shady spots, panting beside my new canine friends. Tacos are super popular in Austin and there are a few local chains, Taco Deli being the most popular.  $4 per taco seems totally reasonable at a first glance, but those little tacos can add up, plus some guac and chips and Eric and I easily spent $30 on a Taco Deli run. Our new favorite taco spot is Torchy’s. It’s closer to our house and their tacos are bigger. We’ll try Taco Shack soon.

Next we sampled golden eggs from Walton’s (a restaurant owned by Sandra Bullock). The golden egg only uses 4 ingredients – flour, butter, egg and cinnamon sugar. Those four ingredients make for a tasty combination. Think of it as if a pound cake and snickerdoodle cookie laid an egg together.


At 11am, it was time for serious meat tasting. It’s never too early or too late for BBQ in Texas. Each couple got to share a beef rib from la Barbecue.


Ever since getting pregnant I’ve been craving red meat, so this hit the spot dead on. It’s all that iron and protein my son is sucking out of me.


Eric did his part by finishing off every little last bit on the bone.


On to our next stop – Hut’s Hamburgers. Eric and I came here on our first visit to Texas. It’s the oldest burger joint in Austin, originating in 1939. It was one of the few places that survived the great flood in 1981 and since then the restaurant’s slogan has been “God Bless Hut’s.”


Their burgers are simple, perfectly cooked and not greasy or soggy. This was the first time I ordered a chocolate milkshake since my sweet-16 (and I could only stand two sips). Eric tried a root beer float made with local Barton Springs root beer.


After Hut’s we got to walk a few blocks to make room for Mac and Cheese from Hickory Street. I had mine without shredded pork on top, and it was pretty bland but it went great with the signature cocktail that used jalapeno peppers and mint (mine sans vodka).



We concluded the tour with a visit to Delish Bakery, where we all got a cupcake to go – red velvet for Eric and tiramisu for me. We were so full from the tour that we did not try the cupcakes until the following day. The red velvet was fantastic.


This was the first time we ventured on a food tour. What a great gift and a great way to experience the local cuisine while doing some sightseeing along the way.

[Jane Asks]: Which city would you like to food tour in?

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