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Best Dressed Kid On The Block

May 17, 2013


Week 31 – The baby measures over 16 inches long, supposedly weighing around 3.3lbs, (about the weight of 6 medium-size apples.) My gut suggests that our baby is probably already 4lbs… no, literally, my guts are saying “this kid’s big!” Smile)

With my ball of a belly in the way, the seatbelt in my car keeps choking me. I have to constantly adjust it to avoid strangulation marks on my neck.

My feet swell up for the first time this week, mostly because of the heat and humidity. If you’ve never had swollen feet, it’s not painful– it just feels weird. They got tingly and rubbery, spilling over the sides of my flip flops. My toes began to resemble a package of hotdogs as the spaces between them vanished. The best remedy is to lift your legs against the wall for a few minutes to let the blood re-circulate. Hydration and exercise also help.

I’ve been taking more photos to capture the ridiculousness growth of my belly. Dark colored tops are my friends these days to help the bump look good…

photo 1photo 2

along with maxi dresses.


Eric, feeling left out of the belly photo-shoot, poses with his sympathy bump in his pre-pregnancy clothing.


As many little girls do, I enjoyed my fair share of doll playing, mostly with a baby doll that I’d swaddle, wheel around in a toy stroller, dress up in pretty outfits and feed whatever I did not like from my plate. Naturally, the motherly instincts I had back at 5 are now returning to me as I prepare for my little one. First time mom experience thus far – baby clothing is just way too cute not to overbuy and it’s ridiculously expensive if purchased at regular price. I don’t believe in paying more than $10 for a tiny piece of fabric that will be used for 3 months at the most. So I stock up on clearance merchandise from Baby Gap and Old Navy.  After seeing my purchases, my sofunny husband remarks that, at this rate, the kid will have his graduation suit hanging in the closet before he comes home from the hospital.


I am glad to see the color scheme for boy clothes expanding beyond blue. For 0-3 months, it’ll be really hot, so short-sleeve onesies, hats and socks are all we need.


3-6 months will be fall and the mornings get chilly starting in October. Layers are key to keeping comfortable. We’ve got long-sleeve onesies, pants and sweaters for going out, and for lounging at home, sleep- and play- one pieces.


6-12 months will be winter-spring, so more of the same – tops, pants and sweaters, but taking it up a notch with a corduroy jacket and suede booties.


The little man should be all set for his first year. In the meantime, mama will keep browsing those clearance racks to keep her boy well-dressed and her wallet happy.

[Jane asks]: What was your favorite outfit as a kid?


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