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To Dye Or Not To Dye?

May 24, 2013


Week 32 – The baby weighs nearly 4lbs and is about 16.7 inches long. It’s getting harder to find a single fruit to match the baby’s size, so I pose with a 4lbs carton of strawberries. The baby currently measures about a week bigger than his expected size. As the doctor put it “Jane, there is nothing little about this baby!” Not sure how I feel about that. My calves are beefing up while carrying the extra weight around. Even when running marathons, my calves weren’t nearly as sore as they get nowadays. Having muscular legs to begin with, the last thing I want is for my legs to get bigger. On the other hand, I am hoping the extra muscle will help with getting my running regime back on track post-baby.

This week I say goodbye to my favorite shirt, now too tight to wear. When I purchased it at the beginning of the second trimester, it was so loose around my belly I was certain I’d be wearing it to the end of my pregnancy. Ha!

w32 1w32 2

So I replaced it with a stretchy red tank. I have a very limited wardrobe these days. Maternity clothes shopping is depressing. It’s way more fun to buy baby outfits. In case you are wondering, most of my maternity clothing is from the Gap and Old Navy, with a few items from Motherhood and Pea in the Pod.

w32 3w32 4

I made another change  to my appearance by coloring my hair chestnut brown (closer to my natural color).


According to Mayo Clinic’s Pregnancy Guide, coloring your hair during pregnancy is completely safe. There has been no evidence that it is harmful to the fetus despite many old-wives tales. However, if you are paranoid extra cautious then it’s recommended to wait until the second trimester after baby’s major organ development is complete. I am extra paranoid, so I waited until the third trimester and I chose a naturally formulated hair color, NaturTint with no ammonia and no parabens. Having never used natural coloring before (besides the henna that I begged for my grandma to use on me when I was 7 after watching the Little Mermaid), I was pleasantly surprised about how well it worked. The real test is how it lasts.


My inspiration for the color choice – our new front door that we replaced this week. Smile The original light brown door was crooked, requiring the enterer to lift it every time by the door handle before pushing open. The lock was rusted and sometimes wouldn’t unlock. Not to mention, all the ugly mismatched hardware and fully-transparent glass panels. Our new door is a beauty, made of frosted glass and wood composite which makes it stronger, better insulated and Domino approved.


[Jane Asks]: Do you dye your hair? Why or why not?

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  1. thebabydoctorswife permalink
    May 24, 2013 5:27 am

    You look amazing! I too have MAJOR buff legs and I totally think them getting strong now will benefit you greatly. I am trying to do about 100 squats a day to prepare for my hopes at a natural labor, but more so to keep my legs strong so that bouncing back will be easier.

    I too caved and dyed my hair. I am trying to slowly get it back to my natural color so I don’t have to keep dying it so dark! Yours looks great.

    Keep rocking that cute belly!

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