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Welcome To The Circus

June 7, 2013


Week 34 – The baby now weighs almost 5lbs and is about 18 inches long. Here is me working my bicep with almost 5lbs of first-of-the-season California cherries.

This week the fatigue sets back in. I take my first mid-day nap since the first trimester. Things are getting more uncomfortable as well. As the baby gets bigger he is pushing on my diaphragm making it harder to sit comfortably. I have to either lean back on pillows (just like the our forefathers did at the Passover table), or lie on my side altogether. At Body Pump, I trade in a weights bar for a set of hand weights to allow for extra room at the belly. I also change the weight on my squats and lunges—my heavier belly makes up the difference.

After my friend had an unexpected C-section after her 36 week ultra-sound, we decide to get all the major baby preparations out of the way this week (while I still have a bit of energy left). At our birthing/childcare class, we heard a brain-shattering statistic that 70% of all car seats are not installed correctly. So after an hour of car manual reading and internet searching, it took Eric a whole 2 minutes to install the car seat base in his car. The little monkey will be cruising in a navy Chico Keyfit 30 to match papa’s ride.


We also complete the nursery. The circus theme was not something I planned for, but it just happened thanks to a Pottery Barn clearance sale and the Ikea children’s department.



Elephants are surely the dominant theme of the décor. Ever since I got an elephant necklace a few years back for Hanukkah, I’ve been drawn to elephants. They represent wisdom and patience (things I desperately need to work on).


Even the Jungle bassinet/play area downstairs is full of elephants.


We got our nursery furniture from Ikea. The kid will outgrow it in a couple of years, so I see no reason to spend lots of money on baby furniture. And if by some miracle the set does last longer, the Swedish design is quite versatile with the changing table converting into a bookshelf. The little armoire is perfect to hold all his adorable outfits. I foresee passing many sleepless nights in this lightweight rocker.


Besides the mobile and the soft cubes from Ikea, we haven’t bought any toys. Our friends and relatives have been kind enough to already send us a few, and I suspect more will be on the way as they come to visit after the baby arrives. (This is not a hint to buy our baby toys. Ah, screw it, everybody loves buying fun cute stuff Smile)



After purchasing 5 giant boxes of diapers from Costco, I believe we’ve got all the basics covered. Just a few more housekeeping things to do and we’ll be all set.

[Jane Asks]: What’s your favorite nursery theme?

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