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Size Matters

June 19, 2013

IMG_2189Week 36 – According to BabyCenter, the baby is expected to weigh almost 6lbs and is more than 18.5 inches long. However, every baby develops and grows at their own rate, so this week we have another sonogram to check on the growth of our little one. Turns out he is almost a week ahead, based on his size at 6lbs 11oz. Projecting forward at a max gain of half a pound per week, he is expected to be between 7lbs 11 oz -  8lbs 11oz. Based on my pregnant friends’ experience and the comments from both the doctor and the ultrasound technician, the formula used to predict final weight tends to overestimate by a pound to allow for margin of error. We are thinking he might be under 8lbs which makes mama feel very relieved. Phew! As my doctor put it, we are looking at a 7.5lb baby, which is totally doable. I clarified that he might be closer to 8lbs? The doctor replied “How about you prepare your pelvis for 8lbs, and he will just slide out.” My doc knows just the way to make us smile. From the sonogram we believe he has a pretty long torso and an oval head which I never thought I’d be so delighted about. He is heads-down already in a C-shape position. The fluid level, baby’s activity, placenta function, etc. are all normal. Now, it’s just a matter of time until his grand appearance. Smile

Armed with all the information from the sonogram, I start thinking about my birth plan. My original inclination was “the best birth plan is no plan”, since hardly ever do deliveries go as planned.

After attending the birthing classes and listening to all the options that are now available at the hospital, I figured I better draw up my preferences. Western hospitals are run like fast food joints. They will give you the most common, pre-packaged combo deal. Or you can try to customize some items to get exactly what suits you best. So here I am, trying to customize. After all, what kind of Program Manager would I be, if I didn’t spec the birth of my child (at least in bullet form)?

Labor & Delivery:

  • I would like to have an epidural when I dilate to 4-5cm, not earlier as I’d like to be mobile early for labor to progress. (I am not even going to kid myself pretending I’d be able to go all natural. The first thing my friend told me after delivering her daughter au natural was “Get an epidural!”)
  • I don’t want any IV-based pain relief to be used, only the epidural (or as my doctor calls it the Cadillac of pain relief. The epidural numbs the mom from waist down, while IV-based drugs are actual narcotics that are passed on to the baby through blood).
  • Dad will be present at the birth, but keep him above waist area. (Don’t really need to spell that out, but I better be thorough).
  • External monitoring only (no internal monitoring unless absolutely necessary).
  • Prefer to avoid pitocin. Prolonged length if progress is being made.
  • Would prefer for the water to break naturally, but break water to progress labor before administering pitocin.
  • Please encourage relaxation techniques like breathing, focusing, heat/cold packs, massage, etc.
  • Open to trying different positions like squatting.
  • Would like to be counted down during pushing.
  • Avoid use of vacuum and/or forceps.
  • No episiotomy, unless large tearing is unavoidable. Use compresses, massage and positioning. Local anesthesia for repair.
  • If c-section is necessary, use low transverse (bikini line) cut. Dad to be present in the OR.
  • Keep the sounds and lights low in the delivery room.
  • Dad will cut the umbilical cord.
  • Cord blood to be collected in the kit provided.

Baby care:

  • No separation of baby and parents (Dad will accompany the baby if he needs to be taken outside the room).
  • Breastfeeding only. No formula or glucose water without my consent.
  • Ask before any shots, vaccines or meds are given.
  • Footprints to be captured on a special paper provided.
  • No circumcision to be done in the hospital.

After a successful picture day at the doctor’s office, it was time to celebrate Eric’s birthday.


We headed to Nik’s Italian Kitchen + Bar where my grown-up hubby entertained himself by drawing a fire truck fighting a house fire; through the window of the house, you could see a cake covered in flaming candles.h


This guy is totally ready to be a dad. What do you say? Smile

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