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Full Term

June 24, 2013

IMG_2197Week 37 – The baby is now considered full-term, meaning that he can be born any time with 98% being perfectly healthy. He measures a bit over 19 inches, the length of a Swiss chard. I did not give pregnancy’s secondary effects much thought beforehand, but one thing that I would have never expected is how sore my legs would get. I was so certain that legs would be the least of my worries. My legs are the strongest, most muscular part of me. They have run hundreds of miles and squatted dozens of pounds. What’s a few months with a little extra weight on my belly? Gosh, I feel for the overweight—simply walking around with extra weight is a ton of work.

This week, I feel my first Braxton-Hicks contractions. They are not very strong or painful. The sensation resembles Domino climbing on my lower belly and then walking off.

Jane, week 36

I take it as a sign that it’s time to get a bag ready for the hospital.


Hospital Packing List
  • Clothes for dad (t-shirts, shorts, flip-flops)
  • Clothes for mom (nightgown, breast feeding camis, PJ pants, hoodie, socks)
  • Toiletries
  • Take-home outfit for baby


  • Snacks (Hard candy and ice chips are all that’s allowed during delivery. Nuts and bars are for recovery.)


  • Box of chocolates for the delivery nurses
  • Blue folder containing birth plan and footprint paper for framing afterwardsIMG_2215
  • Breast pump. Hopefully the lactation nurse can teach me how to use it. (I went with Purely Yours by Ameda as it was covered by health insurance and got comparative reviews to Medela’s Pump in Style.)


  • Belly Bandit (a post-baby girdle that will help shrink my waist and support my organs while things return back to normal. Let’s hope it’s as miraculous as the package promises.)


  • Entertainment items like iPad, cards, phones and chargers.


  • Camera + battery charger
  • Pillows. During the labor and delivery facility tour, the guide recommended we bring our own pillows for two reasons. First, it will be way more comfortable, as hospital pillows are the worst in the universe. Second, to resemble a home environment which tends to relax and comfort during delivery.
  • Cord blood collection kit. After some research and very little discussion, Eric and I were instantly on the same page that we wanted to donate cord blood to a local blood bank. There are many private cord blood banks popping all over the place. You can’t turn on the TV in the middle of the afternoon without seeing a commercial with two expectant parents and how happy they are that they have made a decision to pay over $1000 a year to store their newborn’s cord blood in case there is a one in a gazillion chance that he would ever need it. (Without a doubt, Jodi Picoult left a powerful impression in My Sister’s Keeper and with uncertainty and fear running high during pregnancy, a few families we know have chosen the private banking route.)  We figured we’d rather give it to the folks that need it now and hopefully it can help make a difference in someone’s else life right away. And if, there is ever that one in a gazillion chance our baby ever needs it, perhaps there will be a match in the San Antonio Cord Blood Bank. (Not to mention all the other synthetic advancements that are being made in addition to the cord blood utilization). Unfortunately, cord blood donation is not nearly as well-established as regular blood donation. The program is run as a trial, meaning there is limited space and equipment available. Only a few hospitals collect the blood on their own, but most will collect it if a kit is provided. We had to fill out a large registration form to ensure that our sample will be appropriate. Luckily, we got approved and the collection kit just arrived this week.


We’re all packed, now it’s just a waiting game!

[Jane Asks]: What would you pack for a hospital stay?

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  1. Kristin permalink
    June 24, 2013 7:45 am

    I can’t explain how happy I feel when my friends hit 37 weeks, its so so so fantastic! Your little man will be here soon!

  2. thebabydoctorswife permalink
    June 24, 2013 10:36 am

    Thank you for posting your packing list! Looks like you have it covered. I am super curious about the belly bandit. I too have considered getting one. Any chance you will do a review on it after using it for a bit?
    So excited for you! Can’t wait to see your little bundle in a few weeks.


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