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Noah’s First Two Weeks

July 9, 2013

Noah’s favorite pastime is sleeping. Like you’d expect an average newborn, he spends about 16 hours per day napping, allowing his parents to take numerous photos.

photo 5IMG_0817

He often wiggles and stretches while catching his Zzzzs.


The rotisserie-chicken style is common during the day when he is not swaddled. Noah can multi-task in his sleep by holding his own pacifier.

photo 4photo 2photo 4

But his favorite is to nap with on papa.

IMG_0810photo 5

Noah has two active periods. The first one is usually mid-morning following his brunch meal. Second is early evening after his first dinner.


He is often very serious during his active time, taking in the surroundings and the smiling dorky faces of his parents.

photo 1photo 5photo 3

In the morning, before the Texan heat is in full swing, Noah enjoys some fresh air while being carried or wheeled around the neighborhood.

IMG_0761IMG_0764photo 1

He loves his Snuggle Bunny Swing and listening to classical music like Mozart and Journey for Babies. Thumbs up (well almost)!

IMG_0811photo 4photo 3

Bathing is not at the top of his list. Luckily, he does not get that dirty so we don’t do it everyday (at least for now).


One thing for sure he loves his Mama’s bar, where he can often be spotted belching loudly before passing out in a milk coma.


IMG_0813IMG_0823photo 1

2 Comments leave one →
  1. thebabydoctorswife permalink
    July 9, 2013 6:39 am

    He is adorable! Looks like mama-hood fits you very well. xo

  2. July 10, 2013 1:48 pm

    What a cutie!
    Enjoy your time with him AND the time he gives you to do other things while he sleeps. I know it’s super tempting not to stop watching him, ever. 🙂

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