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Don’t Cry

July 25, 2013
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I can’t  believe my baby is already five weeks old!

Noah and Jane 1Noah and Jane 2

Noah is becoming more alert every day.


We’ve been practicing tummy time to help strengthen his neck muscles and prepare for crawling. He has not gotten the hang of it yet and rather treats it as bum-wiggling time instead.

photo 1photo 2

photo 3photo 4

Noah is a pretty serious guy. Just like his dad, he likes to communicate with hand gestures.

photo 5photo 1photo 1

When mom serenades him with improv lullabies, he makes his not-amused-but-somewhat-entertained face.

photo 4photo 3


With alertness comes fussiness. We have developed a checklist that we run through repeatedly together with the recommended-Five S’s technique (swaddle, sway, suck, ssshhh, side lay) until calm and quiet baby state is achieved.

1. Is he pooping and does he need a diaper change? It is amazing how much poop a one month old generates. Breast-fed babies tend to poo with every feed. It’s the only time when going #2 while consuming a meal is completely acceptable. Smile

photo 2

2. Is he hungry? Noah’s gained almost 2lbs since birth, and weighed in at 9lbs and 6ozs for his 1 month checkup. His newborn clothes no longer fit and he is now sporting 0-3 months onesies. His rounded cheeks, double chin, pudgy neck, arms and legs are indicative of his healthy appetite.

3. Does he need to be burped? We try to wrap him in a burp cloth during and after feedings as spit up might gush out along with a burp.

photo 2photo 4

4. Does he need a binky? Pacifiers can be magical for soothing a crying baby, that is until they fall out and the entire house is shaken by a high pitched shriek I want my binky!

Our son has developed quite a binky addiction and often won’t go down for a nap without it.


5. Does he need to be held? Baby carriers are really handy at holding a baby while still getting things done around the house. The tight fit helps the binky from falling out. Double win!

photo 5

6. Does he need to be rocked? Noah loves his swing and spends most of his waking time in it. We keep the swing in the family room so he can watch mom tidy up around the house, the bird mobile circling over his head, the cat sleeping on the sofa or just the sun rays dancing on the ceiling.


7. Does he need to be swaddled? Noah is outgrowing the swaddling. At times he prefers it at night when he gets too restless from flopping his arms and legs around, but most of the time his preference is to sleep with his limbs spread out.



[Jane Asks]: How do you soothe a crying baby?

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