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August 22, 2013
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Noah is 9 weeks old (or 2 months and 2 days if you prefer). He is 12lbs 2oz and 22.5 inches.

photo 1photo 2photo 4

He is one happy baby and I can’t get enough of him!

photo 2photo 3photo 4

Noah is a creature of habit and we have developed a good routine. He wakes up sometime between 6-7 am (on rare occasions he will sleep in until 8am). After good morning kisses, smiles and (most importantly) breakfast, he is willing to hang out in his crib for another hour allowing mom to pump, change, and grab a quick snack before we head out for a morning walk/run. Some mornings dad pushes the stroller while mom leads the way. We ride in style, since we meet lots of ladies along the way (we are yet to make any guy friends).


After an hour’s walk and a quick stretch, it’s time for Noah’s second breakfast. Noah wraps up his morning alert time with listening to music, watching his birdie mobile and rocking in his swing.


A binkie is always appreciated.


Nap time is when mom can get some things done – clean, do dishes, laundry, shower, prep lunch and dinner, check mail, catch up on news, and if she is lucky squeeze in a blog post. Noah naps from 11-4 with a half an hour break in the middle for a snack and a nappy change (I’ve been following Prince George updates, so the British slang’s rubbed off a bit). Domino is happy to have a sibling who naps almost as much as she does.


Noah has been practicing Babyrobics most afternoons after his nap.

Position 1: Starfish


Position 2: Muscle Man


Position 3: Leg lift with chest fly


Position 4: Arm extensions



Then it’s onto toys and tummy time.


After exhausting all entertainment options, we head upstairs for a bath, so that we are clean and cute when papa gets home. On most workdays, papa arrives at the witching hour of 7pm. The fussy time differs depending on either how much fruit mama ate in the afternoon (mama’s theory) or the random generator in Noah’s head (papa’s theory). We are still working on the root cause. Luckily, Noah tends to calm down in less than 40 minutes especially when carried upright.


By 8pm, he is back to his easygoing self  and we get ready for bed.


On most evenings, Noah falls asleep in his swing and dad tucks him in his crib after his first nightly feed.


At night it’s sleep, eat, change, repeat, and the next morning the cycle starts all over again.

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  1. August 25, 2013 10:49 am

    Awww. He’s too cute. Awesome that you’ve got a good routine going. Good for mom AND baby. 🙂

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