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Stay-at-home Mom

November 8, 2013

Since Noah is still in the process of getting all his vaccines, we’ve been trying to minimize his exposure to the outside world. On most days we’ve been cocooning at home, so I am literally a stay-at-home mom. So what do I do all day?

I usually wake up once I hear Noah stirring on the baby monitor. Sometimes this can be as early as 4:30am if he is having a hungry day, in which case we usually snooze for another 2-3 hours after his feeding. I am up by 8am at the latest. I start the coffee maker and head upstairs to feed Noah breakfast. Afterward, Noah is pretty chill and happy to hang out in his crib for awhile, so I get twenty minutes of me time to enjoy a cup of joe while browsing the web. I head back upstairs afterwards for morning kisses and smiles and to change Noah out of his PJs. Then I spend half an hour pumping while trying to keep Noah from getting antsy in anticipation of our morning run. The next 15 minutes is a blur. Noah starts to fuss; Eric is late for work; my new running buddy is texting me that she is ready to go. Somehow I manage to prepare lunch for Eric (I do this 3 out of 5 days. The other two he eats out with his colleagues), swallow a quick breakfast, change into my running clothes, give my husband a quick kiss and get out the door. After numerous binky reinsertions and pleas to stay calm, I manage to log 4-5 miles while Noah snoozes in the stroller. If I am lucky, Noah lets me stretch for five minutes before announcing to the world neighborhood that he wants to go inside. The minute we enter, I rip off my top and sports bra to nurse (Noah is used to some sweaty and salty brunch). After his feed and a diaper change, Noah hangs out in the Pack’n’play with his toys. If I am quick enough, this is my chance to take a shower, make the bed, and maybe prepare a green juice. Alas, I am never quick enough, and half way through my shower while I am shampooing my hair, Noah cries out “Mum!” I rush to rinse, and run to the Pack’n’play grabbing a towel along the way with water dripping on the floor. “Hi buddy! What’s up?” I get a smile… “Just wanted to see me huh?” Another smile… I manage to dress while continuously peeking in on Noah and playing Peekaboo. We head to the living room where I make my green juice while Noah, with a displeased look on his face, stays in his swing. Over the next two hours, I do dishes (any leftover ones from the night before, coffee maker, pump equipment and bottles, and juicer), clean the downstairs floors, start a load of laundry, wipe all the counters and tables, all while entertaining my little boy with animal sounds and made-up songs. By this time Noah might have just fallen asleep, so I gently wake him to nurse. Half an hour later, Noah is passed out in a food coma, but as soon I move, he is wide awake and fussing. I spend the following half an hour to forty five minutes trying to soothe him back to sleep. (If he does not nap 2-3 hours during the day, he gets very cranky).


While Noah naps, I have just over an hour to:

  • prepare and eat lunch
  • pay bills
  • schedule appointments (there is always something: haircut, doctor, car service, etc.)
  • order some stuff from amazon (thank goodness for prime shipping)
  • follow up on some random household items
  • start a blog post (it takes me at least three days to finish a post now)
  • move laundry to the dryer
  • prep dinner
  • check Facebook, mail, news
  • do some more cleaning
  • read some baby articles
  • watch a TV show (I hardly get to this)

By 3:30, it’s time to nurse again. At 4, it’s play time. This is where Noah has my undivided attention – we read, we exercise, we take a quick stroll to get mail, we play, we snuggle, we facetime with grandma, we make faces at each other, we tell stories…. An hour and a half later, we are both beat.

At 5:30 it’s bath time, followed by early dinner. The evening feed is the fussiest. “I don’t want to eat dinner and go to bed. I want to stay up… Whaaaa-whaaaa!” If it’s a good day, Noah finally settles down by 6:30, while I pump next to the swing “sssshing” him. Noah is asleep just as dad tiptoes through the door. I make dinner as quiet as a mouse, and Eric and I get to whisper about our day, pausing periodically at every sigh and moan coming from the swing. After dinner, I conclude my shift by prepping the bottle for the night feed. Eric and I have about an hour to enjoy alone time, which is usually spent watching the Daily Show, Big Bang Theory, or some other short sitcom (long gone the days of full hour long episodes). I am in bed by 10. At 11, I hear Noah as Eric is rushing to warm up the bottle and tuck him in his crib. I doze back asleep as I listen to the muffled babbling upstarts.

I used to think I worked hard at my full time job as a DINK (Dual-Income-No-Kids). I spent at least an hour getting dressed, doing my hair and makeup. I pranced around in skirts and high heels. I told people what to do in a way that they always agreed to do it. Sure, I was on email a lot, and there were tight deadlines at times, but I never ever worked nearly as hard as I do now. The craziest thing is that my job as a mom never ends. There are no weekends or vacation days. There is no quitting. I have one key priority, one constant responsibility, one important deliverable, one demanding boss and I could not be happier. I remember coming home from work bitching about my day and random people that did random things that annoyed me. But now, with my unbrushed hair, spitup-covered shirt, and tired sunken eyes, I glow while I tell Eric “Noah almost turned all the way over today! You should have seen it!”

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  1. Kristin permalink
    November 9, 2013 7:37 pm

    I read this & I am exhausted – no wonder I can’t remember what last year felt like. Although I am still making the mommy choice when I get my daily 5 minute shower – do I wash my hair or shave my legs? Generally my hair wins 🙂


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