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What’s for lunch?

January 31, 2014

_MG_0625I was nervous for Noah to start real food. After all, we just got our nursing routine down. How would I know what foods to give him? What if he does not take the spoon? Will he nurse less? And what about food allergies or digestion issues? Ahh! so many things to worry about… But Noah took to solid food like a fish to water.

A couple of months ago, I was complaining to sharing with another mommy friend how exhausted I’d been feeling since Noah had been waking up every three hours at night to feed. She said ‘’maybe he is ready for solids… try giving him a mashed up banana and see what he does.” The next morning I was eating a banana while Noah was happily watching me from his swing. I broke off a small piece, mashed it up with a fork, spooned a small amount and with a shaking hand carried it over to my son’s mouth. I was expecting a look of confusion, a turn away, clenched lips– the boy was only five and a half months old. But just like he’d been eating off the spoon his entire life, he opened his mouth and licked the banana right off. In the same manner he proceeded, eating the entire mashed up piece. I was thrilled and most of my anxieties have disappeared.

Since that day forward, Noah has been enjoying three solid meals a day (and that’s in addition to nursing every 3-4 hours. I can’t help but wonder where this boy is packing it?!)

As soon as Noah wakes up, we nurse. An hour later, we head downstairs for breakfast. We both have half a medium banana and oatmeal, mine has blueberries and Noah’s is finely ground.


For lunch, Noah and I split an avocado which he follows with half a cup of apple sauce.


Some days, for variety, I mix in a large scoop of organic pumpkin.


Dinner varies, whatever veggies we happen to have on hand that week – peas and carrots; yams and green beans; cauliflower, broccoli and carrots; squash.


I cook up a bunch at a time, puree the ingredients in the blender with a bit of water, and portion into small containers. I keep 3 or 4 in the fridge and store the rest in the freezer, so I always have some meals handy.


Noah loves pear and always has a bit for dessert after dinner. It’s pure gluttony for him and I often have to cut him off after a quarter cup. (Whoever said that babies are natural instinctive eaters that you can’t overfeed has not met my baby. Noah’s already thrown up twice after he ate too much.)


So far Noah has enjoyed all of his mom’s cooking. Let’s hope this trend continues on. Smile

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