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Stand Up Guy

April 24, 2014
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Noah is 10 months old! He’s gained another pound and a half, and now weighs 22.1lbs!

noah and mommyNoah and mommy 2

This was an exciting month to say the least!

photo 1photo 3photo 4photo 2photo 1photo

As soon as Noah turned 9 months (the day I published his 9month update), he stood up. And he’s been standing ever since by holding on to the couch, ottoman, TV stand, crib railing, mom or dad’s pants, etc. His face beams with pride every time he pulls himself up, so I can’t help but applaud and cheer.

photo 1photo 3photo 4

photo 1photo 1standing

With all the standing excitement, Noah was very restless in his sleep, turning, tossing, sitting up, and crying. He was also back to wanting his midnight bottle. This might have been a growth spurt or a developmental milestone, but replacing dessert with plain yogurt instead of sweet pear or apple sauce got Noah back to sleeping through the night.

The baby food menu has been expanded to include mozzarella cheese, plain whole milk yogurt, Passover kugel, blueberry pancakes, scramble eggs and cinnamon raisin toast.

photo 2photo 5blue ring

Noah makes lots of sounds – motor boat, dinosaur, birdie, but mostly he loves ptthhhhbbbttting (right after taking a big spoonful of food).


Noah loves to devour books (and that’s before he can even read!)

photo 2photo 3photo 3

It’s never too early to start on house chores. Noah’s the laundry sorter. He pulls all the bright colors out of the pile.

photo 2photo 3photo 4

Last month, we got to attend our first birthday party as a family. It was Sesame Street-themed.


And there was a petting zoo, which Noah had mixed feelings about. He has not yet figured out that live animals are not the same thing as stuffed toys and thus can’t be grabbed, squeezed, pulled or tasted. We had to hold his hands teaching him to pet.



Swinging is still Noah’s favorite thing.



He’s outgrown his baby swing last month, so now we go to the park daily to spend at least 20 minutes on the big kid swing.



Bluebonnet flowers are a beauty of spring in Texas and when they appear, it’s common for families to pull over on the sides of the road to snap some photos. So as a good Texan family, we posed in the field of bluebonnets near our house.




With Noah entering two-digit months, he is becoming more independent, crawling and exploring the surroundings. He is no longer a little helpless baby who would spend most of his days sprawled out like a rotisserie chicken. He is active, expressive, communicative, charming and determined like mom, and chill and laid back like dad. Most of all, he is just plain fun to be around!

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