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Canyon Lake Getaway

May 23, 2014

Noah is 11 months old, weighing approximately 22.5lbs (We couldn’t get a good read of his weight this month. The boy was wiggly and the scale was finicky, but he is gaining weight at a good rate and that’s all that matters). To celebrate his 11 months, or more importantly daddy’s two week paternity leave, we headed on a short trip. We have a week-long family reunion coming up in July, so we are preparing by spending a few days at beautiful destinations in Texas.

photo 2photo 1

Our first summer vacation was at Canyon Lake. We stayed for two nights at the Canyon Lake Resort (which this resourceful mama booked at a fraction of the usual price on Amazon Local Smile.)


The lake is about 50 miles southwest of our house. We timed our drive during Noah’s nap hoping he’d sleep in the car. It worked great on the way there, but on the way back Noah woke up after thirty minutes. Overall, he was an awesome traveller (like with everything else!)

As soon as we arrived, it was time to explore. We took a short hike around the lake’s bank.


We had to watch out for sliding rocks and blooming cacti.


Exhausted from an exciting day and new scenery, Noah was out by 7pm. Mom and dad spent the remainder of the evening on the terrace enjoying a bottle of wine, beautiful views and perfect weather.


We stuck to our regular morning walk/run routine. I love running in new places. It’s the best way to sightsee and check out the local scenery.

photo 3photo 1

Later in the afternoon, we headed to the pool.


This was Noah’s third time in a pool.

We first tried our local neighborhood pool a few weeks ago. It took a bit of time for Noah to acclimatize to the cool water, but afterwards he seemed to enjoy himself.



His second time was at an evaluation swim lesson a week ago. He did very well, but was not a big fan of the dunk exercise.

Canyon Lake Resort could not be a more perfect place for us. For starters, their cabins featured full-size kitchens so we can prepare our meals just like home. And the terrace had a large swing, which Noah loved.



Then there were peacocks!



Daddy Peacock was on egg guard duty, so anytime we came near the eggs, he rattled and opened up his beautiful tail which mesmerized Noah to no end.


And finally, there was a herd of deer.


photo 4photo 5photo 3

Every morning there was a large ziplock bag at our door filled with deer food. So with my monkey on my back, I fed and petted the “wild” beasts.


We definitely set a high bar for Noah’s 11 months birthday. It’ll be hard to beat it next month, but with Bubbie celebrating her big number alongside, it’s sure to be memorable one way or another.

[Jane Asks]: What was your first family vacation like?

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