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Beach Bums

June 11, 2014

IMG_1079May is a great month to travel in Texas. The weather is perfect. Older kids are still in school, so family vacations have not begun just yet. Prices are low and tourist attractions are not as crowded. Last year, for our babymoon, we ventured to Galveston Island. Every Texan we spoke to gave us a sympathetic smile about our destination and raved about Corpus Christi which, according to them, had a much nicer beach. So, this May, after spending two days prepping, packing and loading the car with every toy and baby essential we might need, we headed out to Corpus Christi on Noah’s first beach getaway.

Our expectations were set pretty high since we had a very nice stay at Galveston. Upon our arrival in Corpus Christi, we were completely bummed to find ourselves in a tiny rundown condo crawling with bugs (and it was the top-rated choice on TripAdvisor. I can’t imagine what other places must be like). The main beach is located in the North part of the city which, surprisingly, does not offer any nice beachfront hotels. Most hotels are either located in the urban south part or away from the beach. (Eric’s guess is that this is probably due to high hurricane insurance rates).  Most locals instead travel 20 miles north to the Padre Island National Seashore.

The North beach was about twice as wide and twice as short as the Galveston beach, with no seaweed but still very coarse sand.

photo 2

The best part was almost two mile long paved walkway that I ran on every morning.

photo 1photo 3

The boys did their own workout – chest presses and shoulder lifts.

photo 5

Noah loved the feel of sand. We were worried that he’d try licking/tasting the sand, but instead it was small seashells and rocks that were the real danger.


Seaweed was particularly fun to shred into tiny pieces.


IMG_1122photo 3

The water was pretty warm but very wavy so we only went up to our knees.

photo 1photo 2photo 3


Instead we swam in the pool.


The beach ended right by the Texas State Aquarium, which we visited on our last day.


The aquarium was quite large and featured a wide variety of animals – birds, spiders, snakes, fish of all kinds.


We saw giant turtles and sharks.


The outside section had alligators, bald eagles, and otters.


We got to the Aquarium just in time for the Dolphin show, which I particularly enjoyed, while Noah was more interested watching a small Indian man standing next to us.



Right near the Aquarium is another big attraction – USS Lexington museum which was decorated for the Memorial day.

photo 1photo 4

I love fresh seafood and luckily, there was a place less than a mile from where we were staying that had fresh tasty fish. It was called Blackbeard’s. The Food Gods were kind to me (unlike the Accommodation Gods which I obviously pissed off somehow) as fresh Mahi-mahi was the catch of the day during our stay.


It was unbelievable the first two times we ordered it. Even Noah enjoyed a few bites. On the third day we got the last two pieces as the hostess chalked up Red Fish and Swordfish as the new special. It was time to head home.


We picked up a Corpus Christi coffee mug as a souvenir of our trip. We won’t be returning to this place for awhile (if ever). The coast of Texas has a few beaches and we plan to check out all the major ones in search of our favorite spot.


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