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Noah Turns 1!

July 5, 2014
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Noah is 1! He’s just shy of 24lbs and almost 32 inches long, which puts him in 78th percentile for his weight, 96th percentile for height and 94th percentile for head circumference.


The Babycenter app automatically resets, reminding me that Noah is now a toddler leaving his baby days behind. Here is a summary of his development as he embarks on his second year.

Nursing down to 2 nursings per day (7am, first thing in the morning and 7pm, right before bed)
Nutrition three meals and 1 snack. 8am breakfast of small banana, 11am lunch avocado, apple sauce and oatmeal, 3:00pm snack of toast with butter or baby dry cereal and fruit, 5:30pm dinner. Noah’s appetite has not slowed down one bit, and his taste horizons are expanding. Noah is really into fish lately and he even had a bit of curry and brown rice the other day.
Liquids In addition to breast milk, Noah drinks green juice at lunch and plenty of water throughout the day.
Dental Noah has 6 teeth. Two bottom teeth are fully out, and 4 top ones are coming in.
Sleep Noah sleeps for 11-11.5hrs per night and takes one 2.5hr nap, usually from 12-2:30
Gross Motor Skills Noah is all about cruising these days. He pulls himself up, cruises all over the room holding on to furniture and toys, crawls, and stands unsupported for a few seconds. The other day he walked with Eric by holding one hand. He is getting close to his first real steps!
Language Noah’s been saying “Mmmm, Maaaa, Mum” ever since he was 4 months usually when he was hungry or distressed. He’s added Maa, Mama to call for me, especially when I leave the room. He’s said Dada once and called Mr. Owl “Who” the other day. He babbles all the time especially while playing, but he mostly uses his grunts to communicate his preferences to us.

The night before Noah’s birthday, Eric and I unpacked all the gifts the family sent and laid them out in the playroom upstairs.


It felt just like Christmas morning (I’d imagine Smile) when Noah crawled out of his room. Noah made a gushing sound when he saw the whole display, and then carefully picked up each toy, played with it for a few minutes and moved on to the next one.



In the afternoon, we invited a couple of friends over for a playdate.


Noah did not mind sharing his toys and was a real gentleman.


His mom is still his favorite lady.

For Noah’s birthday, I baked the healthiest cake I can think of – Carrot cake with whole wheat flour, carrots, pineapple, applesauce, raisins, coconut oil and just a bit of sugar. I made cream cheese icing but used half the recommended amount to cover the entire cake.


We sang Happy Birthday and Noah patiently waited while I cut him a slice.


He was skeptical at first about the sticky gooey stuff on his plate.


But after the first bite, he was really into it. I was worried he would not eat his dinner after the cake, but he still polished off some peas and carrots and a yogurt.


Loaded with sugar, it was time to enjoy the new swing that dad built in our backyard.


Alas, the party was over as our guests headed home. It took Noah an extra half hour to settle down from all the excitement of the day. He was sound asleep by 8pm.


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