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September 27, 2014
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Noah is 15 months old! He is 25lbs and 32 inches long which puts him in the 80th percentile for both height and weight. His head continues to hold its steady position in the 96th percentile.

photo 5photo 1

We celebrated Noah’s 1.25th birthday with a pair of new shoes (size 7!) and a dinner at Maggiano’s where he munched down half of mom’s balsamic-glazed salmon and orzo (New mommy diet suggestion – share your food with your toddler to keep your portion size in check. Winking smile)

photo 3photo 2photo 4

This was another eventful month for us.

We took our last summer vacation and spent a few days in Rockport, TX. Rockport is about 160 miles south of Austin. There is a great beach park with shallow clear water, which was the reason I picked this particular destination. The big downside of such calm water is a large number of mosquitos that are apparently immune to any over-the-counter bug spray remedy. There were also quite a few jellyfish but most were harmless. We were able to enjoy some time on the beach on a day both mosquitos and jellyfish were hiding from a light drizzle.


Luckily Rockport is only 30 miles away from Corpus Christi. So we visited Texas State Aquarium after mom scored some free tickets (thanks to the Lighthouse Inn Manager).



We made the most of the trip with morning runs by Aransas Bay and wine tasting at a local winery. (If there is wine or cannoli I will find it!)

IMG_20140907_094315photo 4

photo 3IMG_20140907_160847

One thing is clear, our little guy has mastered his walking skills and loves to explore his surroundings. Whether it’s the long hotel hallway, or the Aquarium, or in our neighborhood, Noah wants to walk by himself. He can easily cover the half-mile from the park to our house (distance runner in the making).

photo 1IMG_1346photo 2

Hats delight Noah, especially mom’s or dad’s.

photo 2photo 3photo 1

Noah’s having lots of fun feeding himself, which makes cleaning up totally worth it.

photo 4photo 5

photo 1photo 3photo 5

In addition to our morning run/park playtime, we now attend Shabbat’n’Play at the Jewish Community Center. I was apprehensive about our first visit as Noah had not been exposed to many social gatherings with a large number of kids. On our first day, he clung to my leg for about a minute after we walked in. Then he was gone for 45 minutes playing with toys and making new friends. He did not even take a look to see if I was still there. On his second visit, he walked through the doors with no hesitation Smile.

photo 1photo 3

photo 2photo 4photo 5

Other milestones that have taken place this month are:

  • Noah went from 6 to 12 teeth. He now has 4 front teeth on top, 4 on the bottom, and 4 molars, one on each side.
  • No more breast milk! Last month we were down to one nursing at bedtime, but upon our return from Rockport, we switched to Goat Kefir after dinner. I will write more on weaning soon.
  • Noah started waving bye-bye, but he still does it intermittently.  He’s been clapping and pointing for a couple of months now.
  • Besides mom, ma, mama, yum, and occasional da, daday, Noah does not say any full words yet, but makes plenty of partial word sounds like ba, ab-ba, na-na, va, ra, etc.
  • At dinner time, Noah enjoys a three course meal and sips Pellegrino… Who knew I was raising such a foodie… I wonder where he gets that from Winking smile

[Jane Asks]: What are some activities your toddler enjoys?

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