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Go, Dog, Teeth

October 25, 2014
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photo 2Noah is 16 months. He’s gained 0.3 lbs over the last month, now weighing in at 25.3lbs. His weight gain has definitely slowed down now since he is a toddler, which is nice for mommy as she can barely carry him already as it is.

This was another memorable month in our lives as Noah said his first word. Well, technically, he said a bunch of words – dog, go and teeth. They all came one after another so it’s hard to say which one was really his first one. Eric thinks it’s “teeth” (mostly because he taught him that one in a car ride from Torchy’s). I think it’s “dog” since we see and pet a lot of them on our morning runs. “Go” the kid figured out all on his own. He also calls our kitty cat Dom (short for Domino. We were concerned he might call her gentle, since that’s all we say when he interacts with her) and says toes when he plays with his toes.

Even though Noah got to celebrate Rosh Hashanah last year, this time he actually got to taste the sweetness of the holiday. He was a big fan of raisin challah and mom’s honey cake.



(By the time it was Mom’s turn to pose, Noah had used up all his smiles with Dad.)


We attended our first semi-formal function as a family. Eric’s high school friend was getting married and even though Noah and I could not make it to the actual wedding, we joined Eric for a pre-wedding BBQ.


(Mom’s sweetest little date!)



With the cooler weather, we needed something to do in the afternoons, so we joined Gymboree and Noah loves it! He is mesmerized by bubbles and likes to dance under the parachute. We attend at least three sessions per week and have already made a couple of new friends.

photo 1photo 2photo 3

Noah loves to spend time outside. After we get home from Gymboree, Noah likes to swing, play in the Water and Sand table (totally worth the $5 we spent at a yard sale), ride in his wagon, and most of all just walk (run!) around the neighborhood. He often logs between 0.5 – one mile before dinner. Next year we are signing him up for a Kid’s Marathon! Smile

photo 1photo 2photo 5

photo 3photo 2

As we increase Noah’s social interactions, one thing is evident – he’s a people-person. He is charming with moms, flirtatious with girls, friendly with boys, and gentle with younger babies.  He runs to the front of Gymboree and the park to greet the newcomers with a smile. He waits his turn to play and is already a great sharer. He does not cry when somebody else takes his toy but he is not a push over and goes for what he wants. I have seen him follow other kids or lead them his way. He continuously impresses me in situations that I expect would frustrate, scare, irritate him like an older kid knocking him over, stealing his toy, or throwing a tantrum. Noah keeps his cool and brushes it off and goes on to play. (Mom needs to take some tips from her little guy! He already knows how to humor and not let little things upset him.) I can only hope that these natural tendencies will persist as Noah grows into an attentive, empathetic, polite, intelligent, aware and charismatic individual. (Fingers crossed!)

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