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Halloween Half Marathon

November 1, 2014

Last year we sat on the front porch giving out candy while our little pumpkin slept peacefully in his crib:


We still did that this year, but also so much more…

We attended not one, but two costume parties – Pumpkin Patch at Gymboree and Challah-ween at the JCC.  (Prepare for this year’s collage of Noah’s Halloween portraits. Mom has a weak spot for cute boys in uniforms, at least one of them Winking smile)

IMG_1467IMG_1459IMG_1460IMG_1457IMG_1456IMG_1462IMG_1451IMG_1452IMG_1466IMG_1463IMG_1465IMG_1464IMG_1441IMG_1442photo 5

Noah also proudly patrolled the neighborhood trick-or-treating after dinner. We went up to 3 houses, got mom’s favorite chocolate (Reese’s peanut butter cup) and headed home to bed. Noah was confused by the whole concept of coming up to people’s houses and not going in. On our daily walks, we’ve been teaching him to stay away from the front doors so he was much more into running around on the street instead.

Last weekend, mom got to pose as a runner in a Halloween Half Marathon at Cedar Park. The start and finish were at the Cedar Park Center (thumbs up for real bathrooms!). It was an easy 25 minute drive up north and had plenty of parking for participants and spectators. Sadly, this being the first year for the race, there were very few of both. Less than 300 people ran, but I give them credit as a lot of runners were in costumes. The weather was perfect. Low of 60 and going up to mid 70 with low humidity and a slight breeze.

photo 2The course was boring. It reminded me of my Saturday neighborhood runs. I was tempted to weave off course to check out local garage sales and stop to pet cute dogs. There were no bands, no signs, no entertainment of any kind, except for a couple of deer hopping in a field near us. Parts of the pavement were pointy gravel which I did not notice until on the way back when my feet were starting to feel it more. (We repeated the first three miles going back.) Even though the overall elevation gain was only 350 feet, it was all rolling hills. I started out strong (which for me is 8 min/mile). I slowed down on uphills (but still kept under 9 min/mile pace) and tried to make up time on the downhill portions. I got major motivation to pick up my uphill pace when a sixty something lady and a gentleman, deeply engaged in their conversation, passed me at mile 4. She was all skin, bones, silicone and Botox, but nevertheless! Don’t you hate it when you are huffing and puffing, hot, red in face pushing your hardest and these talking people just pass you like it’s no big deal? If you can have a full out conversation than you are not running, you are jogging! Million dollar t-shirt idea – On the back it says “Just shut up and run! I mean you!”

Mile 7 is my favorite mile. By then my body is warmed up, open and used to the pace. Everything is moving in one steady rhythm. Give me a slight downhill, a good song, and a light breeze and I am cruising. My groove was short-lived as half a mile later there was a steady ramp up.

elevation pace chart

The worst part of the course were the mile markers. The first one was short 0.1 mile. “Maybe it was a fluke” I thought. Nope. It went on that way until mile 12 or as my phone clocked it 11.6miles. There were only two outcomes at this point. The course could have been short overall, or we’d get screwed at the last mile. The last marked mile was 1.5 miles long. I passed by Noah and Eric walking on the sidewalk. “Go Mom Go! Only a couple of turns left”… “What? I should have been done by now! This is stupid!” I yelled back. As soon as I crossed the finish line (after sprinting and beating a chicky dressed as a referee!), I went to the main tent to inform them that they should fire their mile marker person. The representative was obviously not a runner as he chuckled “What? Did you think the course was too short?!” I will omit the rest of our conversation out of respect for my readers Winking smile.

This was the first annual race, so it was cheap (You get what you pay for even when it comes to running.) On the bright side, for $55 I got a 13 mile run, a women’s t-shirt, a giant medal and most importantly a Torchy’s breakfast taco at the end.


(These are the only pictures I’ve got as my photographer is now pre-occupied chasing a 16-month old around… excuses, excuses…)

Bib Name Division Overall DivP SexP Guntime Time Pace
5070 Jane 30-34 46 out of 289 7 out of 36 20 out of 189 1:48:09 1:48:03 8:15


[Jane Asks]: How was your Halloween?

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  1. Rachel permalink
    November 1, 2014 9:39 pm

    Is that a hearse in the background of your first running pic???

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