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New Year’s Ritual

January 1, 2015

tradition-1-fiddlerI love New Years! As a kid I got to have a New Year’s tree and presents (think Christmas but without the religious part so even Jewish kids can enjoy all the Christmas-type stuff growing up in Russia). As I got older, the celebration turned into partying with friends which was fun for awhile until I could no longer stay up past mid-night. 

Now I have a different type of fun.

My New Year’s traditions are evolving. New Year’s usually includes running and blogging, but I realize now that there are more rituals that I’ve not shared with y’all.






IMG_1515It starts off with replacing the old calendar with a new one and writing in any known appointments, trips and other obligations. Ever since 2007 (a year after we met), Eric and I have been creating photo calendars with pictures of our last year’s adventures. Since our families live far away, we are convinced they must be enjoying looking at our dorky happy faces staring at them from the kitchen walls (or so we’d like to think.)






IMG_1518Then I donate my old running shoes. Based on my mileage, I probably don’t replace my shoes often enough, but at least I remember to do it to kick off a new running year. (Note, I’ve been enjoying Nike Free shoes, so if you have not tried any minimalistic style shoe yet, I recommend you check these out.)




photoAs part of the New Year’s purge, Eric and I go through our closet and pull out any clothes that don’t fit, are too old, or we no longer wear. It’s usually me  yanking stuff of the hangers, shouting “You never wear this… When was the last time you put this on?” While my hubby spread out on the bed, with an electronic device of some sort in his hands, tries to convince me that this is his favorite item of all times, and he just happened to forget where it was. At this point, I force him to try it on in hopes he realizes how short/tight/washed out/stretched out/shrunken or just plain bad the item in question is. If I am lucky I can get rid of a couple of his old high school t-shirts (yep, still working through the backlog).

Next, I clean out my makeup drawer…


… wash my makeup brushes (when was the last time you did that? Winking smile)…


… throw away any unused samples …


… and replace the essentials – eyeshadow, blush and mascara.


This year, I concluded my ritual with a cold beer, homemade guacamole,  and fresh chips, reflecting on my last year’s accomplishments and setting new objectives.


As you might recall from last year’s post (I could not even remember myself)

Last year I vowed to do the following:

  • Get some house work done. I did not get the stairs refinished or new window treatments (we bought one curtain rod that is sitting in a guest room closet), but we did get our yard resodded so we are no longer the embarrassment of the neighborhood.
  • Run races. I ran three half marathons and a turkey trot.
  • Update my Linkedin profile and resume. I did do that as there was a particular job I was really jazzed about, but they still have not gotten back to me even though I applied over a month ago. That said, I think this worked out for the better as I soon embarked a career change altogether. Intrigued? Smile More on that in my next post.
  • Become a US citizen.  After looking at all the paperwork involved (not to mention $750 application fee), I decided to postpone the application.
  • Book vacations. We had a few weekend getaways around Texas and an Ocean City trip for a family reunion.
  • Plan Noah’s activity. Even though this was the last item on the list, it was the main focus of the last year. We go to Gymboree, Shabbat’N’Play, and Tot’Shabbat. We have tried story time at the Public Library and Noah could not yet stay engaged, but we’ll try again this year as he is getting more interested in books. We tried swimming lessons over the summer, but decided it’s more fun for all of us if we just hang out at our community pool instead. Most importantly, we found a preschool where Noah is waitlisted to start in September 2015.

Overall I am really pleased how the last year went. It looks like we have more balls in the air come 2015, so we’ll just have to play some of it by ear. One thing you can count on, the core goals will continue to be the same – Noah, exercise, eat, and blog.  Happy New Year to my awesome audience, who, regardless of my somewhat probably boring content and inconsistent posting schedule, keep coming to this site! Smile

[Jane Asks]: Do you have a New Year’s ritual?

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