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Put on Your Yamaka!

January 5, 2015

photo 4 Noah is 18 months old! He weighed in at 26.2lbs in the Doctor’s office but 27.1lbs (in clothes) at home, so I am guessing he’s gained 1.2-2lbs over the last three months. He also grew about half an inch longer (maybe even more since it’s incredibly hard to get a precise height measurement of a squirming toddler.) His head is still huge at 94th percentile, so Noah can wear multiple hats at once. Smile

Noah is extremely active these days, so pictures are getting more scarce and are often blurry. He loves to run around, play hide and seek, make fun noises, and explore whatever his little hands can get a hold of. (And if he can’t reach, he’ll yell Mum-Mum-Muuum until I hand him the object of his desire). He is incredibly lovable and fun, but also displays moments of stubbornness, frustration and disobedience like a typical toddler!

IMG_1498 This past month Noah got to experience the best of the holiday season by celebrating Hanukkah to the fullest.










He ate latkes,watched mom light the Menorah, read Hanukkah stories and opened a new gift each night.

photo 1photo 2photo 3


photo 1IMG_1506

We also attended a Hanukkah themed Tot Shabbat where Noah made a dreidel ornament (with mom’s help), listened to the rabbi sing Hanukkah songs and played with other kids.

photo 1photo 2photo 3

Noah took a liking for a little tikes coupe car, so the next day bubbi ordered a similar one online. To our surprise, the thing took 2 days to put together. Noah was patiently waiting for dad to finish the assembly. (Well somewhat, he hovered around trying to get in and grunted in disappointment).


The final product was well worth the wait!

photo 4

With our little guy keeping us busy, the holidays just seemed to fly by this year. We can’t wait for another year to play, learn, grow and discover!

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