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Noah Turns 2

July 24, 2015
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Noah is 2! He is 36 1/4 inches tall and 30.6lbs, which puts him in the 96th percentile for his height and the 80th percentile for his weight. Projecting his current measurements forward, he is estimated to be between 6-6’’4 when he grows up. (Mama will need a step stool to give her boy kisses.) Smile


We celebrated Noah’s birthday at home with his grandparents who travelled all the way from Maryland to share the special occasion and shower their grandson with gifts.



Noah really enjoyed unwrapping all the new gifts and running around in his new bouncy castle.



My carrot cake was a big hit this year. Noah liked it so much that he kept asking for “cake” after it was all gone.


We’ve hit some major development milestones over the last few months. It all started right before our trip to Galveston Island mid-May. When Noah was first born, I was extremely focused on developing good sleeping habits: having a consistent bedtime/nap routine, always napping in his crib, no rocking, holding or nursing to sleep, allowing Noah to fall asleep on his own, teaching Noah to self-soothe, waiting a few minutes before rushing into his room if he wakes up crying in the middle of the night. That was all great for about a year and half… Until Noah randomly decided he no longer wanted to take naps and would scream/cry his poor little heart out until I’d pick him up from the crib and let him go on playing. Our days became super long and poor dad would come from work to dinner with two whiny cranks.

A week later we headed to Galveston, TX for a little getaway. By golly, Noah fell asleep in the car for about an hour, first nap in a week! We had an awesome time at Galveston, playing in the sand, jumping in waves, swimming, and exploring.





Our days were filled with fun beach activities and by afternoon the soothing ocean sounds, warm sunlight and all the vacation excitement would put the boy to sleep.


Ah, but by nighttime, Noah had figured out how to crawl out of the hotel’s crib and so we were bunking all together in the king bed. Once we got home, Noah, accustomed to sleeping with parents and equipped with his new crib-climbing technique, refused to stay in his crib. We had no choice but to convert Noah’s crib to a toddler bed and sit with him until he’d fall asleep (20-45min per night). We still sit with Noah at bedtime, although lately he’s been exercising his independence by insisting upon sleeping on the floor. We are also teaching Noah to stay in his room until morning by using stars and reward chart. Naps usually start out in the car, and continue on in our bed, lasting max 1.5hrs. I knew that sleep would be rough with a baby, but I was not expecting this regression a couple of years later. The most fascinating thing about this has been the reactions from other moms who have not yet encountered bedtime rebellion. They tend to look at me in horror, pulling their kids away as if we might be contagious.

Other big changes include Noah’s diet preferences. He’s given up a lot of the healthy foods he used to love like avocados, bananas, lentils, oatmeal, and instead prefers typical 2 year-old junk like animal crackers, pretzels, raisins and dried cranberries, and sweet potato fries. Even getting him to eat pancakes is a compromise of covering them with “Moon” (whipped cream).


Noah is talking a lot! Once he started responding with “yes” and “no”, the conversation just flowed. Now he is picking up words so fast I can’t even keep up with everything he is saying. He takes me by complete surprise by busting out with 3-4 word sentences. “Noah Daddy’s Car” “Daddy back home” “Daddy sit eat” “Big green truck” “Noah watch (Curious) George”. He speaks in third person, must be Elmo’s influence. Winking smile He knows all his colors and can count to twelve (skipping eleven for some reason).








As Noah enters his second toddler year, his personality continues to shine. He is extremely energetic, active, playful, imaginative, curious, observant, attentive, smart, interactive, a great listener and sharer, empathetic, cheerful, and often really goofy which delights everyone around him! His teachers marvel at his sweet nature, and every day Eric and I can’t help but wonder how we got so lucky to have such an awesome kid!

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