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September 24, 2015

It’s a boy! Baby Brother is growing well and is even more wiggly than Noah was. At our appointment this week, the ultrasound technician struggled to capture him still in one position for more than a second to get all the measurements. Just like his older brother, he is ahead of his growth already by 4 days, with a huge head!!! Eric and I surely make brainy babies!

photo 2photo 1

Noah can’t wait for his baby brother to arrive: “Baby Brother come now!” he keeps saying to us. He’s completely switched over to his big boy bed giving up the toddler bed as he now calls it “Baby’s crib. Baby sleep there.” And he wants to “Read baby books and share toys with Baby Brother.” It just melts my heart!

We are excited and relieved to be having another boy. Yes, my home will be double the loud chaos it is today. I will be tripping over cars, blocks, balls, trucks, dinosaurs, etc. twice as often. And yes, the two of them will continue to destroy the house at a faster rate, with their priceless wall artwork, explorations of gravity (throwing toys off the staircase), animal love (chasing poor Domino around), and Olympic training of running, jumping, climbing, somersaulting, and wrestling. But at the end of the day, they will play together. They will learn from one another. They will support, encourage, challenge, help each other. They will be best friends, who will fight and disagree at times, but they will love and protect each. And they will share the strongest bond as only brothers do!

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