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Chubby Cheeks

January 12, 2016

Many women have reasonably-sized babies that they carry for a full 40 weeks. I, on the other hand, grow giants, thanks to my husband’s DNA. His key physical attributes that I first found so irresistible, like his tall and large physique and big brainy head, are no longer appealing when they lead to a humongous creature about to burst through my belly button. From what I’ve read online, second babies, on average, tend to be 5 ounces heavier and come 6-7 days prior to due date, with labor lasting 6-8hrs.

I can tell from the shape of my belly and the weight and pressure that my little guy is going to be big. To confirm my prediction I requested a 36 week sonogram. And just as I suspected, Baby Brother (as we’ve been referring to him at home) is 11 days ahead in growth with an estimated weight of 7.5lbs already! But as I learned with Noah, the head size is the most important part in delivering large babies, so….(drumroll…) Yep, 95th percentile for head measurements, 98th for belly and only 70th for legs (long torso and short legs, consistent with the rest of the males in the family).


He’s packing some serious pounds! Just look at those chubby cheeks!


That’s how we like it here in Texas: tiny women and giant babies! We just all hope that Baby Brother will come soon or mom will have a heck of a time pushing. Good thing I’m a runner so I am well-equipped with physical endurance, focus, determination and perseverance. (A little self pep talk before the big day).

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