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Noah Turns 3

June 29, 2016

Noah is 3 years old, weighing 36.2lbs and measuring 39 1/4 inches tall, which puts him in the 88th percentile for his age group. We celebrated Noah’s actual birthday with a pile of presents, followed by a trip to the park and an afternoon at the pool with dad.

Noah loved opening all the brown boxes. Now, every time there is a package at our house, he asks “another present for me?”

On my 7th birthday my dad surprised me with my first real bike. I still remember how excited I was watching him pull it out of the trunk of his car! This year he continued the tradition by getting a bike for his grandson.

After all the presents, Noah requested chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast.

A few days later, we hosted a Blaze-themed birthday party.

A few of Noah’s friends from school and the neighborhood came to our backyard celebration. Our guests were entertained with a picnic, swings, climbing pyramid, bouncy house, and toy cars galore.  

Ms. Maggie offered face painting and Blaze Tattoos.

Mom made her special carrot cake.

After our guests left, it was time to open more presents.

Eric and I are continuously in awe of what a wonderful little boy Noah has grown into. He is incredibly smart, curious, attentive, caring, outgoing, energetic and creative. His teacher and doctor marvel at his intellectual, physical and social development. He eats his fruits and veggies, is fully potty trained, sleeps in his big boy bed, gives out hugs to friends, gently plays with baby brother, cleans up his toys, helps mommy with chores, reenacts stories and real life scenarios with his toy trucks and says the most profound things that are way beyond his years. There is never a dull moment with Noah and I can’t wait to see how he continues to develop and learn over the next year. 

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