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Big Guys 

October 20, 2016

Nate is 9 months, weighing 23lbs and measuring 30 inches long, which puts him in the 91st percentile for weight, 97th for height and 98th for head circumference. As the doctor put it, “A football scholarship is still on the table.”

A lot has happened over the last three months:

1. At about 6.5months, Nate mastered crawling with an incredible speed so like a Navy SEAL he is constantly racing to his next target, all over the house.

2. At 7.5 months, just like his older brother, Nate started sitting unsupported. A couple of weeks later he learned to prop himself to seated from crawling.

3. At 8.5 months, Nate pulled up to standing in his crib. Needless to say, that day he did not take his second afternoon nap as he was way too excited by his most recent accomplishment. The next day, Nate figured out how to step his feet while holding on to mom’s hands. 

4. Nate is a big and loud talker (hmm. I wonder where he gets that from 🙂 he’s been saying “mmmm”, “mum”, “mama” for awhile now. He is adding new sounds to his vocabulary like “yay”, “bah”, “nah” etc. A few times I’ve heard him repeat “hey” or “hi”, and “oah” for Noah. 

5. At 7 months, 2 bottom teeth emerged. Nate’s diet is slowing transitioning to soft pieces of food. He’s also gotten much better at grasping bite-size pieces with his fingers. He has 3 meals, 2 snacks and 3-4 nursings per day. He has also started sleeping through the night over the last few weeks which has made mom and dad especially happy. 🙂

6. Nate attends the same preschool as Noah 3 times a week where he is a top student. Nate loves Noah and Noah loves Nate. It’s impossible to keep the two off each other. Neverending hugs, kisses and snuggles.

7. Swinging and strolling are Nate’s favorite things.

Meanwhile, Noah is now 40months, measuring 38.6lbs and 41 inches. He knows all his colors, shapes, numbers and letters. He counts to twentyteen (twenty 🙂 and spell-reads his books.

He likes going to school and has made a few close friends but also enjoys playing by himself.

He is into monster trucks, cars and super heros.

He is in constant motion: running, climbing, and jumping off things as he “likes flying in the air.”

With school starting, we’ve gotten into a good routine, and weeks are just flying by. It’s hard to believe that in less than 3 months, Nate will be turning one. I often want to hit a pause button to hold on to this precious time. Alas, they grow up so fast and this blog is my best keepsake. 

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