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3M Half Marathon 2017

January 28, 2017

To commemorate Nate turning 1, I ran the 3M Half Marathon, my first race post baby #2. 

I ran this course back in 2015. After Noah was born, I was so eager to get back into racing, but with two kids things change. It’s been so long since I last raced that the morning of the race I forgot my bib at home. Luckily we left early enough and the race start was so close to our house that we had plenty of time to go back grab my bib. We got back to the start early enough to shiver for 25 minutes until the starting gun went off.

Winter racing in Austin is very unpredictable: cedar fever, freezing cold or blistering sun, strong winds, high humidity, downpours, and thunderstorms. You never know what Mother Nature has in store for you. This was the first race I ran in 20mph winds. It wasn’t a tailwind the whole way but I managed to do fairly well. 

Entrant Info

City,State Austin, TX

Bib 825

Age/Gender 34 / F

Times & Placings

Net Time 1:49:04

Overall Place 962

Place in Gender 284

Place in Div 58


Start 0:00

5K 24:34 – 7:54

10K 50:13 – 8:05

15K 1:16:28 – 8:12

Finish 1:49:04 – 8:19

I started off really strong at 7:45 min mile for the first two miles. At 3.5 miles I accidentally paused my gps MapMyRun app. I kept waiting for my phone to give me my 4 mile stats until I realized what had happened and then I was almost at 6 miles already. At 8 miles I called Eric to let him know my timing. The boys were meeting me at the finish line. That’s when my iPhone 6S completely shut off. Even though fully charged the night before, the battery cut us off. 

With no music, I kept myself entertained by high fiving kids along the way and reading fan signs. Some of my favorites:

“Be like Trump, visualize big crowds!”

“Wind blows! But you rock like a hurricane!”

“Run like a nasty woman!”

“There are hugs and beer at the finish line!”

At mile 10 I was starting to feel it, particularly in my hips. The road was a bit slanted, which takes a toll on my hip alignment. Mile 12 seemed to last forever – especially knowing there was a short hill close to the end. A police officer zoomed by me to get to a man lying on the ground, covered with jackets. He was looking scary pale. Never a good thing to see someone get hurt. 

I crossed the finish line just shy of 1:52, with my net time of 1:49:04. I did not see my little fan crew while closing in so I figured I might have missed them in the crowd. After 3 calls to Eric (with no working phone of my own this was particularly fun) we finally reunited. Turns out the guys got there one minute too late to see my finish. My estimated time was closer to 2hrs.  Noah was surprised to realize that he did not actually get to run with mom but just cheer for her. I am thinking time for a kids marathon?!

It was a fun race! Well organized with a good course, plenty of support. No wonder the participation keeps going up year after year. Approximately 7000 runners came out last Sunday to kick off the 2017 running year. 

I spent the next two days walking downstairs backwards, wincing when trying to sit down, and wondering why I chose to do this to myself. I ran a strong race pushing myself to a comfortable limit but I did not have the same joy or sense of accomplishment that I used to feel when crossing the finish line. I kept thinking about the boys, missing our Sunday pancake breakfast, wondering/worrying if they were giving dad a hard time. I hated being so sore for the next two days that I could not fully enjoy chasing after them on the playground. There was a time when I craved racing, the competition with other runners but mostly myself to be faster, to go further. 

Don’t get me wrong I still love to run! I need to run! A week without running and I start going crazy! But there is a difference between racing and running. I don’t feel like I have to prove, question or challenge my running anymore. I relish my morning runs, my physical and mental release and meditation time, a warmup to a full day ahead keeping up with my two speedsters. So at this point, with my new priorities in life, I am going to hang up my long distance racing shoes and just enjoy running.

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