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School’s Out

May 27, 2017

With preschool ending last week, we kicked off our summer break with an annual trip to Galveston Island. 

We did the usual:

1. Beach

2. Pool

3. Fresh seafood and walks on the pier

4. Hanging out

This time we also had some new experiences:

1. Moody Gardens Rainforest (the aquarium pyramid was closed for renovation)

The rainforest was super cool, a replica of an actual rainforest habitat featuring exquisite plants, insects, small animals and birds. Visiting with a three year old, we ran through the entire thing in an hour, him yelling “I see that. Let’s go!” every time I pointed out something interesting for him to look at. We spent the next half an hour playing hide and seek on the handicap ramp in one of the exhibition rooms, which was his favorite part as he explained his rainforest experience to dad. 

2. Pleasure Pier

Noah and dad went to the Pleasure Pier last year but this time we got to enjoy the afternoon of rides and ice cream as a family. 

Noah has been looking forward to the rides all year as he is now over 42 inches and got to ride three small roller coasters (44 is the next level up). 

Bumper cars were a thrill!

Nate was apprehensive at first. The rides were confusing since he did not go anywhere but around in circles repeatedly. By the end he got the hang of it and was smiling, bouncing and clapping.

Short ice cream break and again we go! Yippee!

Noah’s favorite ride was the water rollercoaster called Pirate’s ship. Dad, on the other hand, had mixed feelings acting as a shield to Noah through the splashy parts.

3. Hibachi Restaurant

One night we dined out at Yamato. Our fourth time on the island and how did we not know about this place before?! They have awesome sushi! Big chunks of fresh fish and cool custom rolls. The boys were mesmerized by the steaming onion volcano and fire grill as the chef prepared dinner in front on their eyes. Nate gobbled two pieces of sushi and his portion of fried rice. Both Eric and I caught flying pieces of rice from the chef’s spatula which really impressed Noah. 

4. Games

Holiday Inn Club Vacation, the place we’ve stayed four years running, has an entertainment room full of board games, books, movies, and ping pong and air hockey tables. Noah had a blast crushing dad at Sorry. 

In the room, the boys came up with “knock the suction ball down with your favorite object” game which kept them occupied for a solid 20min. 

We had a great time this year. The weather was mostly great with one rainy morning and one windy day. The kids are getting older and enjoy more things together. Come Friday Noah did not even want to leave and requested we stayed longer next time. The car ride went fairly smoothly with me only climbing over to the back seat a dozen times to entertain Nate and offer never-ending snack options. After five days of fun it was nice to come home to Domino, toys and our own beds. 

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