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Noah’s Pre-K Graduation

June 1, 2018

Where did the time go?! The school year just flew by! It seems like yesterday that the boys were heading to their first day of preschool.


The next thing I know, the two trouble monkeys are out for the summer!

This was Noah’s last year at preschool.

As usual we headed to Galveston to kick off our summer break. It was our fifth trip since we moved to Texas and the best one thus far. Apparently some record-breaking current swept by before we arrived, leaving the Gulf water clear and the beaches seaweed-free.

The boys had a blast Р wave jumping, sandcastle building, kite flying, bird feeding, and pool swimming!

We rounded out our stay with a trip to Pleasure Pier for some rides and ice cream.

While the boys rode the carousel, I got to hang out in the shade with a girlfriend.

We visited our favorite restaurants on the island for fresh seafood dinners: The Spot, Jimmy’s on the Pier, Waterman’s Grill, Yamato’s and Cajun Greek.

The boys did a great job with a 4 hour car ride (Eric did not whine once ;), equipped with invidual iPads and a promise of a fast food lunch stop (a real treat, since we only hit McDonald’s once a year– just like mom did back in the USSR.)

We can’t wait for next year when Nate will be tall enough to ride all the “big boy rides” and Noah might be over 48″ to get on “scary fast” roller coasters. Yeek!

Looking ahead we have a pretty “relaxing” summer planned: with a couple of half day camps, a long weekend trip to SeaWorld and the San Antonio Zoo, and lots of time hanging out with mom at home, parks and pool.

With Noah starting Kinder, and thus the boys being on different schedules in the fall, we want to embrace lots of brotherly love over the next couple of months.

[Jane Asks]: What are you doing this summer?





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