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Love All Around

February 27, 2019

Nate’s 3 years old! (I am a month behind getting this blog post out but that’s life with 3 and 5 1/2 year olds.) Nate weighs approximately 37lbs and over 38 inches tall, which put him in the 91st percentile at his wellness check. He has grown another half an inch in the last two weeks, so he continues to be a big snuggle puppy (like from the day he was born!)

Nate was very specific in planning out his birthday party:

1. He wanted lots of presents! Mom and dad stayed up late unpacking numerous Amazon deliveries and woke up extra early to set up all the toys.

2. He requested a carrot cake with a rainbow and sprinkles on top. The flavor requested varied from day-to-day, ranging from banana to raspberry to carrot but he was consistent on the rainbow feature.

3. He invited three best friends from his preschool for a play date at his house.

4. The theme was Paw Patrol, his favorite tv show.

A few weeks after Nate’s birthday bash, mom and dad celebrated their 9th wedding anniversary.

Eric was not impressed when I tried to reenact our wedding cake tasting.

Then came the Valentine’s Day parties with loads of sugary treats, the backlog of which is still being carefully rationed.

Noah Valentines

The countdown has begun to our upcoming fun adventure: Legoland and a Disney Cruise. Every morning Noah informs us how many days we have left until the much anticipated vacation. Luckily, we have a few birthday parties to hold these troublemakers (technically, one Troublemaker and one Baddest Bad Guy In The Whole World) over for the next couple of weeks. Fingers crossed we will be healthy through the rest of the winter flu season to fully enjoy our trip. 🤞

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