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Boys of Summer

August 7, 2019

A rainy spring brings cooler summer days to Texas. We’ve been fortunate to only hit 100 a couple of times this year (and no higher than that! Unlike last year with 50 days of over 100, peaking at 114.) We’ve been fully enjoying the summer days: hanging out at the pool, regularly visiting various parks (outside, inside, water, trampoline), attending a couple of camps, playdating with best friends, and bumming around the house.

But let me rewind back to the beginning of summer…

Noah had an amazing year in kindergarten! He made tons of friends, became a Pokémon trading master, learned a ton, improved his reading to a 2nd grade level, has some of the best handwriting in the class (according to his teacher, not just me!), and most importantly matured physically and socially when it comes to appropriate behavior with adults and peers in various situations. He had a stellar report card at the end of the school year which earned him a double Pokémon set!

Nate had an awesome time all year at his little preschool with his best friends!

Over Memorial Day week, we headed to Galveston Island to kick off our summer break. The weather was perfect and no crowds yet! 5 days at the beach and pool flew by.

The stop at the Pleasure Pier was a bit disappointing for Nate, being just under the 42inch height requirement for most rides. Noah was not impressed with the baby rides anymore, and instead dragged Dad on the upside-down roller coasters.

Just like last year, we ended up winning an inflatable alien from the “Guess your age game?” This time the attendant guessed I was 40. (At least last year it was 25! Geez!)

In mid-June, we celebrated Dad’s big birthday milestone and flew to Cancun for a weeklong vacation in a family friendly resort Grand Fiesta American Coral Beach. We woke up super early on Saturday morning to catch a 2-hour direct flight from Austin. The kids were super excited to be woken up to go straight to the airport! The hardest part was waiting in line at the Mexican customs. It took longer than the flight! The boys kept themselves entertained with Lego, ipads and doodling.

The hassle was worth it! The place was picture perfect.


It had 4-5 restaurants onsite, 7 pools, fitness center, spa, beautiful beach and most importantly a kids club with tons of games and activities. It was a perfect balance of family play time and adult relaxation. The peak season for Cancun is usually late fall to early spring, so the place was pretty quiet. Other than all of us getting food poisoning on the second day, we had an amazing time. (Must have been the ice!)

Shortly after our return, it was Noah’s Birthday. Every year I work hard to plan out Noah’s party, and something often goes wrong. On his 4th birthday, the park got rained out, the pizza place was closed and a lot of friends canceled last minute. We still managed to have a great time. This time it went comically bad. Noah requested a Pokemon pool party for his 6th birthday (seemed easy enough!). But the bakery lost our custom-ordered Pokemon cake the day of the party, so we ended up with 2 free generic cakes. After carefully ferrying two giant mylar balloons from the party store, Dad walked them into the park’s gazebo where they were promptly sucked into the (unexpected!) ceiling fans and shredded. A giant lollipop hit Nate on the head when the piñata broke, and it threw him into hysterics. Thunder started half way through the pool party. Oy! The important thing Noah’s best friend came and he got tons of Pokemon card sets. So he was happy!

Grandparents’ visit made 4th of July extra memorable. It was the first time the boys got to stay up and watch fireworks.

This is a summer of milestones. After 13 years living in the US, I have officially became an American. We celebrated at home with apple pie.

So this brings us to August. The days are getting hotter, patience is running shorter, and we are all itching for the start of school. Luckily, the first day of school is just around the corner. School buses have started their practice runs. Class lists are being posted next week, and the school supplies have been bought. We survived another summer!

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