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Nate’s Half Year Birthday

July 20, 2016

Baby Nate is 6 months old, weighing 20lbs (88th percentile) and measuring 28inches long (94th percentile for height and head circumference). 

He is Mommy’s little treasure: adorable, snugglable deliciousness and I just can’t get enough!

Dad loves spending time with his littliest guy while on the paternity leave.

Nate is a super baby! Smiley, happy, sociable, and easy going. He loves his older brother and always wants to be near Noah. Noah has taken on his new role of big brother extremely well, with gentle hugs, sweet kisses, rocking and shshing, singing and playing to entertain and soothe Nate. “Calm down Nate! We are right here!” “Here is your binky!” “If you are tired just go to sleep! shhh” “I think Nate is hungry. You can feed him on the couch.”

At 6 months, Nate has reached some major development milestones:

  • Rolling over: At about 5 months, Nate started rolling over. Opposite of Noah, he rolled from back to his belly right away and a week later started rolling from belly to back. 

    • Sitting and standing: Nate can’t yet sit on his own but he is getting really close. Because of his weight and his chunky legs, he’s been distributing his weight well while propped into a standing position.

    • Sleep: we got pretty lucky as Nate started sleeping up to 6hrs at night by his first month. This trend continued until about he was 4.5months, then he became extremely mobile in his crib, often waking himself up by either rolling over or getting his leg stuck in the crib rails. He also went through a growth spurt waking up every 3hrs to nurse, so we added baby cereal and avocado to his diet. His sleep continues to vary. There were a few nights he slept for 10-11hrs and then some he spent 2hrs awake in the middle of the night. The bottom line is Nate’s sleeping pattern is as random as a dice roll but I am hoping he will soon settle for longer and more consistent stretches.

    • Diet: Nate first tried solid food at 4.5months but his tongue reflux has not gone away yet so he was not really into it until closer to 5.5months. It was evident right away that Nate, being a big little guy, was eager to incorporate at least two meals per day in addition to nursing every 3hrs. He is excited to sit at the dinner table anxiously awaiting his turn after mom first helps Noah. When Noah was a baby he was so excited about food that he ate everything! Nate, on the other hand, is more particular about texture. After numerous attempts, he still rejects mashed banana (Noah’s first solid). He finds apple sauce too runny but is willing to eat it mixed with pumpkin for breakfast. His favorite is avocado mixed with breast milk for lunch and dinner is baby cereal. He was not too keen on simple veggies like butternut squash, peas and sweet potato, so mom will need to get more creative with the combos. 

    • Playtime: Nate’s favorite past time is being carried by dad in the Baby Bjorn, sometimes dancing in the living room. After that he likes his play mat where he gets to reach for toys, roll and kick around. He really enjoys taking apart plastic linked rings and gets very frustrated when things don’t go his way. He adores watching his brother play, run around and do monster truck donuts. Big brothers rule!

    It’s been great having dad around for the last two months and the four of us have fallen into a great summer routine. We’ll miss dad’s extra help, playtime, grocery shopping, camp pickup, park and pool trips once he goes back to work. August will be an exciting month for us with grandparents visiting and new babysitters getting tryouts. 

      Noah Turns 3

      June 29, 2016

      Noah is 3 years old, weighing 36.2lbs and measuring 39 1/4 inches tall, which puts him in the 88th percentile for his age group. We celebrated Noah’s actual birthday with a pile of presents, followed by a trip to the park and an afternoon at the pool with dad.

      Noah loved opening all the brown boxes. Now, every time there is a package at our house, he asks “another present for me?”

      On my 7th birthday my dad surprised me with my first real bike. I still remember how excited I was watching him pull it out of the trunk of his car! This year he continued the tradition by getting a bike for his grandson.

      After all the presents, Noah requested chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast.

      A few days later, we hosted a Blaze-themed birthday party.

      A few of Noah’s friends from school and the neighborhood came to our backyard celebration. Our guests were entertained with a picnic, swings, climbing pyramid, bouncy house, and toy cars galore.  

      Ms. Maggie offered face painting and Blaze Tattoos.

      Mom made her special carrot cake.

      After our guests left, it was time to open more presents.

      Eric and I are continuously in awe of what a wonderful little boy Noah has grown into. He is incredibly smart, curious, attentive, caring, outgoing, energetic and creative. His teacher and doctor marvel at his intellectual, physical and social development. He eats his fruits and veggies, is fully potty trained, sleeps in his big boy bed, gives out hugs to friends, gently plays with baby brother, cleans up his toys, helps mommy with chores, reenacts stories and real life scenarios with his toy trucks and says the most profound things that are way beyond his years. There is never a dull moment with Noah and I can’t wait to see how he continues to develop and learn over the next year. 

      Baby Nate

      January 17, 2016


      Chubby Cheeks

      January 12, 2016

      Many women have reasonably-sized babies that they carry for a full 40 weeks. I, on the other hand, grow giants, thanks to my husband’s DNA. His key physical attributes that I first found so irresistible, like his tall and large physique and big brainy head, are no longer appealing when they lead to a humongous creature about to burst through my belly button. From what I’ve read online, second babies, on average, tend to be 5 ounces heavier and come 6-7 days prior to due date, with labor lasting 6-8hrs.

      I can tell from the shape of my belly and the weight and pressure that my little guy is going to be big. To confirm my prediction I requested a 36 week sonogram. And just as I suspected, Baby Brother (as we’ve been referring to him at home) is 11 days ahead in growth with an estimated weight of 7.5lbs already! But as I learned with Noah, the head size is the most important part in delivering large babies, so….(drumroll…) Yep, 95th percentile for head measurements, 98th for belly and only 70th for legs (long torso and short legs, consistent with the rest of the males in the family).


      He’s packing some serious pounds! Just look at those chubby cheeks!


      That’s how we like it here in Texas: tiny women and giant babies! We just all hope that Baby Brother will come soon or mom will have a heck of a time pushing. Good thing I’m a runner so I am well-equipped with physical endurance, focus, determination and perseverance. (A little self pep talk before the big day).

      Flying Turkeys

      December 7, 2015

      Breakfast climbAbout 10 months ago, while going through a pile of junk mail, I came across an offer from Maui Westin Resort and Spa. When living in Seattle, Eric and I had spent three Thanksgivings in Hawaii and we loved it. Longing for a beautiful Hawaiian vacation, we decided to book a family Maui trip. “How bad could it possibly be– travelling to Hawaii with a toddler?” naively we told ourselves. Fast-forward to November 20, 2016. Not only do we have a rambunctious toddler, we also have 7 months pregnant Jane. On the way to Maui, we decided to stop over in Seattle for a couple of days to visit uncle Anson and aunt Rachel.

      After what seemed like a never-ending flight, we finally made it Maui, and I tell you it was all worth it Smile



      We quickly developed a vacation routine, starting off each morning with a few hours on the beach, playing in the sand, making new friends, and splashing in the waves.



      New FriendsBuried in the sand

      Our lunch breaks included a car ride in hopes that Noah would nap, which only happened twice the entire week we were in Maui.

      Healthy BreakfastShave Ice!Nap

      This was followed by an afternoon excursion:

      1. Hike to Twin Falls. There is a juice stand on the way in, which serves awesome juice and smoothies made with local pineapple, apple-bananas, and sugar cane.

      2. Hike in Iao Valley National Park

      Iao Needle

      3. Downtown Lahaina where we got to listen to a native drum band and see the coolest tree ever – Banyan Tree

      Drums!Banyan tree

      4. New Hotel – Maui Coast Hotel in Kihei

      Noah's new ride

      5. Maui Ocean Center

      Fishies!Touching starfish


      We’d conclude the evening with a scenic dinner. Duke’s was one of our favorite spots with live entertainment, beautiful sunsets, and delicious food that the entire family could enjoy.


      Jane looking awesome

      Eric and I were anxious for our return flight. We had a redeye flight and a four hour layover in Portland. But the flight back could not have gone any smoother.  The Portland airport rocks! It has a children’s area with a playground! On both flights, Noah watched the takeoff and two minutes later was passed out snuggled up to dad all the way until landing.

      Helping with luggageGood traveller

      What a fabulous trip! Too bad it’ll be a few years until we do something like this again. Now it’s time to nest in anticipation of baby brother.

      Summer Fun

      October 26, 2015
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      It’s taken me awhile to get through all of our summer photos. Finally, here are the best picks.


      Potty training Captain Underwear & Risky Business style


      “Blue Bike”

      photo 4photo 3photo 1


      Cute hats


      Frozen Yogurt

      photo 1photo 3photo 4

      Swinging with toys


      “Shirt off!”


      “Hide Pillow”

      hugsphoto 3

      Dinner with Dinosaurs and bouncing fun


      “Yummy in my tummy”


      “Fire hydrant – Doggy Potty!”


      Bubbles with Daddy


      Downward Dog


      Monkeying around at Austin Zoo



      With Mommy



      @ Seaworld




      @ Summer School

      photo 2photo 1IMG_2811IMG_2848


      What a great summer we had! Now onto more fall adventures!

      Pumpkin Patch

      October 20, 2015

      Like a typical family with a two year old, we dedicated an October weekend to pumpkins. We started off with pumpkin carving. It’s been almost a decade since Eric and I carved pumpkins together; the last time was while we were still dating. The experience was vastly different this time around. An hour long activity filled with flirting, drinking pumpkin beer and impressing each other with our artistic skills (or non-artistic in his case) was replaced with two tiny pumpkins, 15 minute prep, five minute cutout and 30 minute cleanup.

      Noah and Eric shared a little Jack-O-Lantern, while I took on a more crafty challenge of an owl. The boys were done in less than 5 minutes, leaving the table to do their own things: playing with trucks and loud typing on the computer (guess who did what? Winking smile) I sat by myself with a tiny little saw for the next 15 minutes wondering what I was thinking to pick such an ambitious undertaking. Given the Texan heat, by the next morning our artwork was shriveled and moldy. Oh well.

      pumpkin carving

      On Sunday we went to our first Pumpkin Patch at Sweet Berry Farm. We had a blast!



      While all the little girls posed nicely seated on top of pumpkins, Noah along with the rest of the boys took on the weightlifting challenge of attempting to pick up the largest possible pumpkin.


      Noah’s favorite activity was the Berry Bounce, which we had to repeat 3 times!


      That’s a lot of waiting around…


      We also fed goats, pet the horses and learned about scarecrows.



      There were plenty of things to ride: tractors, a hay trailer, and a barrel train.




      We saved the best for last: Homemade pumpkin ice cream! What a great day at the farm!