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September 13, 2013
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Noah is 12 weeks old!

photo 1photo 2photo 3

He is one delicious baby, especially after a bath.


He uses many facial expressions in addition to coos and grunts to communicate his thoughts and feelings. One of my favorite is the silent laugh. He also has a range of cries that he calls me -  a quick short “Maaah” when he is bored, and a longer “Meeeeh” for when he wants to be held.

photo 1photo 2

He can make mom’s heart skip a beat with that smirk.

photo 4photo 3photo 2

We had our first trip to the mall. Here is how that conversation went:

photo 2 Hey mom, where are we going?
photo 3 The mall?
photo 4 What’s a mall?
photo 5 Yeek!
photo Well, let me think about it…
photo 1 Ok fine.
photo 2 Are we there yet?

Our bed has become the ultimate hangout for the whole family. Good thing we bought that mattress protector a few weeks ago.


Noah particularly enjoys snuggling with mom in the afternoons while reading the US Weekly. He is up on all the celebrity gossip and favors the “Who wore it best” section the most.

photo 4US magazine

Noah’s been practicing tummy time. His neck muscles are getting stronger but since his head size is in the 85th percentile (thanks to daddy’s big brain genes), he can only hold it up for a few moments. The smarty pants that he is, he’s been trying to trick mommy by replacing tummy time with thumb/hand sucking instead.

photo 3photo 4

photo 1photo 2

The swing is no longer as magical as it used to be at calming Noah during his fussy time. He now prefers being held upright and walked around.

photo 3photo 4

In a few years, he’ll look at this post and wonder “why did your phone take such crappy pictures?”

Noah is getting bigger. He’s already surpassed the average weight for a 3 month old boy at 13.5lbs, moving up a diaper size and into some of his 3-6 months outfits.

Hello there

Noah got a new toy last week. He has yet to take full advantage of its features as he finds the music and lights a bit overwhelming at times, but he enjoys the bright colors and rattling toys.


The biggest milestone happened during week 11, when Noah began to sleep longer, ~4 to 5.5 hours after his 6pm feeding. The next milestone we look forward to is that long sleep moving into the overnight hours.

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  1. Victor Golubinov permalink
    October 3, 2013 2:24 pm

    Dear Jane, congratulations! Best regards to you, you son, husband and of course to Galja!
    Yours Golubinov family. Moscow.

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